Digital Analog Hybrids.

This was new to me this week. I learned about people using planners in pdf format, then using an app on tablets to write directly in the pdf using styluses.
People on etsy making money selling pdfs, similar to the diyplanner app can create.
Any one else seen or do this ?

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actually thought about doing it myself...

...some time back. Don't know what made me think of it. I might have seen someone else do it, or maybe it was how I deal with pdfs in OneNote on my computer (for an online class I took--I dropped the pdf into the background, and made annotations on top of it, which, I think, gave me the idea). Unfortunately, I can't say that my Surface Pro is the best tool for that kind of job. I don't think the stylus is precise enough. I should give it a whirl, though...

But there is software that makes it possible, and I know people do it.

I do something different. I made a Google spreadsheet, with a monthly spread like in the Bullet Journal--one for each month, and print each month out at the beginning of each month, and have that in my T?l disc-bound notebook. I also keep track on my spreadsheet for things I track. It's like a double-entry system in case I forget one place, I seldom forget both. ;-)

I like the idea

I haven't tried it but should. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who dabbles as far as how it worked out vs. your current system.