A paper punch for every planner you could imagine

I just found a great paper punch that can do it all (or at least all I want).

In my house I am the one that prints out all the planner pages. And we have 6 different formats: classic 3 ring, classic 7 ring, normal letter (8.5x11), pocket size 6 ring, and spiral bound. The problem is I didn't want to get punches for all the different types, especially the 7 ring which would take up a lot of space and be expensive. I have been plugging along with a little hand held one hole punch for a while, all the time keeping my eyes open for something better.

I always thought: how hard could it be to make a punch that was compatible with multiple planners, yet wasn't a pain in the backside to set up or change formats? Enter "The Planner Punch Board" by "We R Memory Keepers". While not full size and will need two punch procedures per sheet, it is compact and works for every kind of planner you could think of. It is aimed more at scrap-booking or crafting type people but any paper planner person will love this thing. It comes with 5 circle punches, but you can get extra punches for disc based (aka Circa) and spiral planners. I had never even seen a punch for spiritual planners.

I received mine today and it works well. On the back of the punch they printed all the locations to place the punches depending on the format (3 ring, 7 ring, 3 ring classic, pocket Filofax and many others). Setting the thing up is a breeze since you just drop the punches into the right numbered slot. I did find for some sizes, like the 7 ring, the one center hole was punched a little large. But an easy fix for that is to punch a bunch of sheets then remove the last hole punch to do the other side. In the end a little larger hole wasn't a problem with me, so I didn't bother. But it is an easy work around. Another thing, you need to cut the paper before you punch or it will throw off the alignment. Since I usually cut it before I punch, that was also not an issue for me.

I never gave Circa a try due to the high cost of the punches I found. But I might now since for another $10 I can add Circa punching to this.

Do a search and you will find it available in crafting/scrap-booking (and other) stores like

Also Youtube videos:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKcFwjV8BcM is the company demoing it, but there are many customer usage examples there as well with people unboxing/using it.

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It's a shame...

...I don't need one! This looks like a tool to have if you haven't yet bought a punch. Cool. Thanks!

Welcome :)

Welcome, but I figured you didn't need one. I am sure you have every punch known :) This punch does work well. What gets me is the price of the Circa/disc systems. Staples Arc system is cheaper, however they still charge $8.00 or so for a pack of 50 sheets (classic size). I can get paper for my printer at $3.00 for 500 sheets of standard legal size. The cost of usage was just too much. Now, I may give it a shot. People have told me for years how great the disc system is.

An odd thing: the classic sized book with a leather cover which is three times the cost of a package of paper. I have bought nice three ring binders for just a little more with a lot more to them (zipper, calendar, different kinds of refills, pockets, etc). Guess I will just get a set of plain discs and go from there. At least they are reasonable and I can always add a cover later if I like it.


…I don't have all sorts of punches. I have one European two-hole punch, and two Rollabind punches (one at work and one at hom), but that's it. I haven't used a binder-based planning since I gave up my Daytimer® system around 2000. But I have no interest in going back to a multi-ring binder. I'm a lefty, and those rings always get in the way (one reason I like the disc binding system is you can easily remove a page for writing, and put it back when done--much more easily than a ring-bound system)

I got my punches cheap, as some sort of promotion here in Poland, when some company was trying to introduce the concept. I've seldom bought disc-bound paper, and that's mostly note pads. I have made my own most of the time and punched. But I did find a nice leather cover at Office Depot for about $8 a few years ago (2016), and got some oddly sized inserts (like tall and skinny task pads) too.

So yeah, if you can get that punch cheaply enough, I say go for it! I tried using a Leuchtturm last year, but it was too frustratingly limiting. I can't bring myself to start sections on random pages, etc. I need my discs. So I'm back to my little leather A5 notebook this year. :-) And I bullet journal now, with some modifications. For instance, I print my monthly spread, and have dividers rather than using an index. It works for me. :-)

So yeah, I think you may find discs fun. :-)

Thank you!

For posting it here.

Interesting punch

Thank you for posting this - I might spring for one. I like the versatility of the different positions and punches. I can't claim to actually need it, but that has rarely stopped me ;-)

I have a very nice, large-quantity 3-hole punch that I use for archiving certain records in big binders. Mostly, though, I am a disc user for planning and notetaking. For planning, there are plenty of printable resources here and elsewhere if one has a punch to use. As it happens, I have a large-quantity Circa punch - the kind someone on this site once called a "Circa Maximus". Levenger has an outlet on Ebay and occasionally they sell big bags of Circa discs, and even covers, at a discount. I have all kinds of discs and covers in various sizes and colors. I love the flexibility of a disc system. I also like the way the pages are sort of supported by 7 (or 11) discs more than ring-bound notebook sheets are.

I've been doing variations of the same basic research-y kind of job for over 27 years. I have notebooks going back all that time. I used to keep notes in spiral notebooks by date. After even a couple of years, it became cumbersome to find notes on a particular subject again - enter Circa. Now I have notebooks by subject (and date) that are so much easier to reference; also, it was great to be able to take the original spiral pages and just punch them to insert into the appropriate disc notebooks instead of having to reproduce them. I really like being able to take notes in a single book then have a filing session once or twice a month to put those sheets in their subject books. Filing them also gives me an opportunity to scan back through meeting notes and such to make sure I didn't miss any actionable items. I use mostly junior size because it is easier to travel with, though I have letter size books for some things. For someone whose life is largely notetaking and writing, having a custom system can be life-changing!