DIY Planner and OneNote

Has anyone else tried using the pages as background in OneNote?

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How would that work

OneNote strikes me as very difficult to use. Just how would this work?

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I finally... around to trying it out... Not sure what to think of it. I downloaded the calendar pdf from here, and inserted it as a pdf handout into OneNote, and then set the pdf as a background. All the entire file is there. I think that maybe, it would do better with a dated file, but then, it's all there as one long string of pages. It's not like each note is a separate page or document. It's the entire file in one note.

You could import individual pages, but you'd need to break them out of a multi-page pdf one at a time. As for writing on the pdfs, that's the easy part on my Surface Pro with the stylus. I'm just rethinking using dated pdfs as the source for this.

Is there a dedicated app for this sort of thing? I know you can also annotate pdfs in things like Apple's Preview or Acrobat Reader, but you still have this one, long string of pages. Don't know, the more I think about it, the weirder it seems... :-)