It's alive!

Have you ever gone to a website and all the files seem "old", like nothing new in a year or two? Or maybe the forum posts all seem really old? And then you start to thinking "Should I bother with this site? Surely nothing in it really works?"

One may think that with this site. But slow down... it's just not true.

I've tried various bits of planning/time management/task management software over the years, off- and online. Most recently it's been MyLifeOrganized and Toodledo. And then yesterday I printed some pages from the dynamic template thingie here.

Why? Because Toodledo doesn't have deep enough level nesting of tasks. And it doesn't print very nicely.

I really need those two things.

I need to break tasks down into very small pieces due to personal issues of memory and follow-through (side effects from therapy for a serious illness years ago). I need several levels deep on tasking. MyLifeOrganized will do that but Toodledo doesn't.

I need to print human-usable planning type pages. I am the primary caregiver for my 85-year-old mother. She lives independently but I take her to all of her medical appointments. That's 8-9 doctors with 2-4 visits each year per doctor plus trips for testing purposes adding up to 2, 3 or more trips a month. Plus there are the shopping trips at least once a week, stopping to pick up prescriptions, etc. That's on top of working a very full full-time job (away from home a minimum of 11 hours per day and frequently more) and my own doctor's appointments, shopping trips, etc.

I tried for years to get Mom to just use Google Calendar. Nada.

But. She does use paper just fine. She already has some things she tracks (like blood glucose) just fine. So I went searching for a planner-type system that would allow me to hand her updated pages once every couple of weeks so she'd always have the current appointment schedule, my schedule, etc. And I wanted something that would give her an all-in-one location for tracking things - not just her blood glucose but also things she wants to tell the doctors, things she wants to ask the doctors, symptoms she's having. A planner type thing that will allow her to keep track of things all in one place. It has to be relatively small (the 5-3/4 by 8-1/2 size will do) so it's easy to keep with her whether she's at her table or in her chair or whatever. Something easy to pick up and take with to the doctor every time.

And something which will hopefully start her in a habit that will make the transition to me doing more and more easier for her and for me.

I came here. I printed pages to try out for myself for right now. I need to make some of my own templates. For instance, I'm thinking of a template for each doctor's appointment. At the top of the front would be the doctor, when and where the appointment is, and the contact phone number. Below would be a space for Mom to write things to communicate to/with the doctor. The back would be for more notes, either if Mom needs more space or for me to make notes while at the appointment. I also want to make something for keeping track of medical history, mostly to respond to questions doctors ask like when was the last echocardiogram, where was the last blood test done.

So, folks, please know that just because something may seem a bit old doesn't mean that it is out of date by any means!

Take care,

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