A forum for links?

I have run across some great links to outside sites and was thinking it might be a nice resource to have. If we had a central place to look for the link, it would save some time trying to find it later on...

Just a thought. :o)

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I have thought of this many times as I can never remember the title of forums when I want to go back and find a link we talked about. Is it possible to make them "Short and Sweet" comments so that it has the link and maybe a short description of what is there? i.e. levenger.com - Circa Notebooks, Planners, Journals, etc.

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Links page

Hey sara,

We DO already have a page of resources. You can find it here:

If you want to add to this list, just send me your list and I'll add them into these pages. However, if your resources aren't appropriate for this area... let me know what you think would be good and then I can talk to Doug about how we can capture all these links and maybe make them a separate section.

Let me know if this helps,


I was thinking more along the lines of a forum thread just for links. I don't want to make more work for anyone... I'm brainstormign some ideas...

If I were to create a word doc with all the active links, I could attach it to a post and then everyone would have access...

good idea? bad idea?

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Bad Idea

Not everyone has/uses Word.
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I was thinking about that...

would a rich html document hold on to the active links?

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My suggestion

My suggestion would be to start a new thread titled something like, um, "Links" and just start a list. I'd recommend a format like

Site Name: Short description of site

Maybe there's a way for topics to get stickied, and the "Links" thread could get "stuck". There could be such threads in various of the fora, like one in Kits and Equipment, one in the new Notebooks and Notetaking forum.