Who has better paper - FranklinCovey or Daytimer

Greetings all - I use DIY planner for everything except my calendar (Circa punched). I use two page per week and Levenger does not have that as an offering. Could someone give me a suggestion of who has the better quality paper - Covey or Daytimer (they each have a view that I would use). thanks ahead

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Why limit yourself ?

to these two choices ?

There's LOTS of high quality paper out there. What are your requirements ?
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Thanks for your reply. I

Thanks for your reply. I went to the Levenger site earlier today and found out they do have a 2-page per week Circa planner so I went ahead and ordered from them, as I like their stuff alot. Would like your opinion on paper that you use, however, and why you chose it.

I miss the Daytimer paper

I've never used the Covey stuff, but the one thing I miss from my Daytimer days is the paper. It was perfectly silky, and the best medium for my Cross refills, which were my favorite at the time... It was a joy to write on, and I could write infinitesimally small text on the pages, and everything would still be crisp and clear, and not smudge.

I use (or used) covey

I use (or used) covey classic size planner, I found the paper quality to be exelent, good paper quality is a must for any planner at least the calendar part that must last one year. Thats why I dont use the DIY calendar templates which only get standard printer paper quality, but I use many of the other templates

both good

I've been using a Franklin planner at home for nearly 5 years now and have always been extremely happy with the quality. I've normally used paper-based planners at work - usually wirebound. I'm pretty sure at least one or two of them were Daytimer and those seemed great too.