Rollabind Info Plz

I am so easily tormented by exceptional looking office supplies... and I have to admit that the idea of having a Rollabind system in my hands is torturing me.

I have seen a couple names used around the site but can't locate them now that I want to research my options.

Rollabind is offered by Levenger I believe. Are there any alternatives to this binding system that are either interchangeable or equivalent in useage?

((Ps I received another stack of 'scrap' paper from work... just over 3 inches in width and 32 inches in length... having a Rollabind type system would make scraps like this extremely useful I think ))

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Okay a Rollabind/Circa planner would be utter ~~*~~heaven~~*~~ ...

Good thing my budget doesn't have any loop-holes this year :D

Anyone know about that free notebook thing at Levenger? I read a couple comments mentioning it... or is that for product testers?

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You get...

A pair of covers, a set of 5 divider tabs and an assortment of pages, all held together by the appropriate number of discs for the size you choose.

For my freebie, I picked "Junior" which can be used for Classic, and then I bought an Compact size starter to take home and compare.

Link !!

And I think it is for anyone who wanders in and says, "Tell me about this nifty binding system" or something like that. !!Rasmussen!! Please verify or correct as necessary !!
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There isn't a store near me... but my catalog is on its way ::muwahahahahahah::

I was wondering what size each of those is... "compact," "junior," "letter" ... Compact is 5.5" by 8.5" ?

((my brain is on measurement overload... I'm working on a 7.5 by 9 inch brochure with a .125" bleed and needs to be 3.75 by 9 inch after cut down and fold))

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Circa/Levenger does 4 sizes:

3x5 -- I'll get back to you on this one :)
Compact - 3¾" x 6¾"
Junior - 5 5/8" x 8 1/4" (not exactly Classic, but it fits)
Letter - 8½" x 11"

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Someone mentioned that Circa

Someone mentioned that Circa replied to a query that they are moving their junior size to compact. I can confirm that. I just received my latest Levenger order, which includes a set of translucent junior covers and they fit my A5 planner pages just right.

Sample Notebook


"Tell me about this nifty binding system,"
;) That will do it.


It's something we do in the retail stores to encourage experimentation. We want people to try the notebooks. The process of actually building the custom notebook results in some great conversations about how each person takes notes.
link to comment in Circa Books/Binding topic

thank you

I'm waiting impatiently for the Levenger catalog to arrive... every trip to the mailbox has me giddy... catalogs with uber notebooks and such are so much better than icky bills ;D

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circa/rollabind users...

Does this "Binder Builder" look like it would be interchangeable with the Circa/Rollabind systems? There may be a dealer in the next town north :D


I wish Levenger had a store location closer to me so I could go in and play- errrr I mean... test out the products before buying. I would feel so much better about the decision... >.<

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Sara, I had never heard of Binder Builder before, but I think you may have found yet another great link! I think I will order something from them to see if their products work with the Levenger and Rollabind system....
You are wizard at finding these cool links!
nay nay :D


Today is EXTREMELY slow here at work... So I started searching for everything index card related and that popped up.

Keep me posted if you purchase something~! Those prices are nice... I sent an email to ask if they sell a punch too :o) I'll let everyone know the answer when I receive it.
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Anothr Rollabind Link

Hi Sara,

If you need even more reading, I just posted an article on my new blog Active Voice about how I implemented Rollabind and Circa for my project files, which you might find useful. Link

In addition to Circa and Rollabind products, I also use the Jotz Refillable Notebooks available from Ultimate Office. Link. They have elastic bands to keep them closed (like giant Moleskines) plus interchangeable color-coded finger rings which I find very useful. They come with chrome silver Rollabind discs, ruled paper, and clear plastic folders. Plus Jotz offers other accessories like dividers.

I haven't seen anyone else mention the Jotz line of Rollabind books, so I hope I can spread the word about them. Not affiliated with them, just a really happy customer.


nice :P

Thanks Paul... that was a great write-up~!

The only thing standing in the way of circa is the my budget... my finances are priority... no matter what my organizational heart desires ... but some day... I shall be a Circa-Girl~!

The Jotz line of notebooks is interesting and you are the first to mention it here that I am aware of... I think others in the community will be greatful for that link too :P
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The Jotz site does not state

The Jotz site does not state the various sizes available. Do you have the sizes?

Count the rings -- but what about mini-Jotz ?

The pictured Jotz woould seem to be Letter/A4 size by counting eleven discs.

What size is the miniJotz ?
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More on Jotz

You're right, ygor, the Jotz book is for 8.5x11. The front cover (available in both frosted clear and black) is about 9" wide. The back cover with the finger ring is about 11" I think (I have the cat on my lap or I'd go upstairs and look!).

The MiniJotz is an interesting and odd little beast. They usually throw one in as a freebie when you get a big book. It's three rings tall, made of rugged thick poly, and the mini paper is 3" tall by 3-7/8 wide (60lb paper, lined). The back cover, however, is 3" tall and 5" wide.

But before you get any great ideas about the back covers, I have to warn you -- they have a big hole at the end for the color rings (interchangeable with all other Jotz products). I'm probably not describing it well -- I'll try to post a picture soon.

So what I ended up doing when I had two of the MiniJotzes was to make a super-small notebook out of the two front covers and the mini paper, and used the 3x5 back covers for some hPDA map template cards of my own design. The big holes of course are a drawback for that application, so as a temporary fix I put in blank cards at the front and back.

Hope this helps!


(PS -- the Binder Builder page appears to be down (along with the entire C-Line Products site) but the cache is still available in Google at the moment. Their products look like a great addition to the whole line of Rollabind office products. I wonder why Rollabind doesn't identify either Jotz or Binder Builder among its licensed products...)

mini jotz = pocket pal

That mini jotz sounds like it might make a great little pocket notebook/inbox... hmmmm..... double hmmmmmm.....

3 x 5 looks the same as my Rollabind

Hi, Sara,

I have a 3 x 5 Rollabind card holder and it looks exactly like the 'Index Card Holder' at the bottom of the page of your link-to site. Five rings along the 5" side, black back with frosted clear front.

The paper in the Notebook looks like the Cornell system. I wonder how the paper quality is for fountain pens?

Thanks for the link.

I'll call them tomorrow

Too late today.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


This is the first I've seen of Jotz but I don't regret taking the Rolla leap.

I am wondering how interchangeable they are but they only have the one picture as far as I can tell. Does anyone know if they have more detailed information, including pictures, on these products?


When I first found about about Rollabind and Levenger, Jotz notebooks looked like the best options. When I went to order some from I was told that they were having problems getting the notebooks from their supplier. Right on their site it says Jotz uses Rollabind "Eleven silver metallic Rollabind® discs enable you to instantly remove or insert pages at any time." Rollabind was bought up by some other company, so Jotz probably won't get more until that gets all straightened out. I hope that doesn't have any negative impact on Levenger!

You can still get some Jotz notebook accessories and the mini-notebooks from here: Sorry, I can't find any pictures of the mini notebook and I'm not sure what size they are. I do remember seeing a discussion of the mini jotz notebook size.


Jotz update -- WAAAHH!

Well, Ultimate Office had hoped to get letter-size Jotz notebooks back in stock by the end of May. I've been checking all June but no sign. So I called today, and they're hoping -- HOPING -- for January-February '08 at the earliest.

Sounds like they're very disappointed too because there's been steady demand for them. When I explained why I was calling, the customer service rep groaned in sympathy and didn't even have to look it up to find out what's up.


Jotz update confirmed

I also called Ultimate Office the other day (prior to finding this thread) about the Jotz letter-sized notebooks and got the same sympathy spiel from the rep.

Totally frustrating! Especially since that notebook design seems exclusive to them.

On the plus side, they have tons of the Mini Jotz available.

I just called Ultimate Office

about the Jotz refillable notebook and the customer service rep said they don't know if they will ever get them in again. Darn it all.

They do, however

still have mini jotz pocket pages, sheet protectors, cd holders, etc. still available. Has anyone used those? They look cheaper than the Levenger ones but I haven't seen them in person so don't know about the quality.

BinderBuilder and c-line products

Well, I just got my first order from C-Lineproducts . com ...

I purchased the Address Refills (by mistake), the Index Card Holder and the Jr. Business Card Holder. Here is what I think of the product...

1) The smurfs are the exact size, shape and distance as my Levenger pre-punched paper.
2) The discs look exacly like Lev Discs
3) The paper for the address book is quite "thick" - I would say it is very similar to an index card weight
4) The Index Card Holder is exactly like the Myndology 3X5. Transparent covers and regular 3X5 index cards inside.
5) The Business Card holder is crap. The cover is hard plastic (I thought it might be pleather or something). The plastic card holders are flimsy and will probably tear the second I put a biz card in it. And the pages turn pretty hard. I may try to use one of my Lev Compact size covers and see if that helps. This cover is hard to explain, but it is like the storage binders at Rolla. So, it makes it hard to turn pages and also makes the cover not close all the way. So, hopefully I can salvage something (besides the discs) and make my own little planner out of it.

All in all, I am 50% sold.
1) prices are great - quite similar to the great prices at myndology.
2) products not as "fun" as mynd or lev.
3) shipping was inexpensive and I rcvd my package within 2 business days. (Shipping rates and speed will always make me lean towards a company!!)

So, that is my review. Anyone else buy these or other products from the company??

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I was wondering if you had any pictures or a link to the website :)

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Look up

You posted it yourself last year

Submitted by Sara on Mon, 2007-01-29 15:47

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I was just testing you... ya know... make sure you're still on the ball... yeah thats it.

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Ha haaaaaa

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)