Rollabind in KC

Need to know if there is anywhere in the KC area where I can pick up Rollabind Rings, supplies, etc.....

New and trying to set up planner.

Another question, my levenger (desk size) covers doesn't fit my classic size print outs, what is a good way to create a circa cover for the planner, Levenger sizes are a little off. Any suggestions????

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I have a punch. I made covers for my little books out of heavy plastic (transparent) and beautiful paper.

I happen to have some transparent .015" thick rigid vinyl, so I cut it to size. I also have a few sheets of some drop-dead gorgeous paper, so I cut that to size also, then hole-punched them all and stuck them in the rings.

The vinyl has a lot of static, so the beautiful paper beneath it always 'comes with' whenever I grab the cover to open it. No adhesive needed. It's also fairly stiff, so it serves as a good backing for writing when it's used for front and back.

My beautiful papers are marble papers from Bengal, I think. One is a gorgeous royal blue with metallic gold veining, and the other is a deep maroon with gold veining. Delicious! And when I'm bored looking at these, I'll just change the pretty paper for something else and keep the vinyl on for protection.

I bought my plastic in giant sheets from a local plastic distributor, but you might also be able to get away with really heavy transparencies, or cut down some other device you like at the office supply store. The key element is the punch. If you don't have a punch then you have to cut the holes out with an X-acto or craft knife or similar. Painstaking work when there are a lot of slots to cut.

Unfortunately I have no help for you on KC sources of supplies. I bought my stuff on the web.