Bind three moleskine cahiers into one journal? Suggestions?

Hi, I recently bought a set of three moleskine cahiers and would like to bind them into one journal. Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone tried coil binding or tape binding moleskine paper? Could the three books be sewn together like signatures or glued together? Thanks is advance for your help!!

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I saw some notebooks recently at Target that were 'double notebooks' and the way they were adhered was by the paper on the inside back cover of the first book. It was also the paper on the inside front cover of the second book.

That is to say, if you were looking down at the notebooks from above, with the covers slightly open, the covers would form an M shape, where the two center diagonal parts of the M were one longer piece of paper.

You could try this with some good glue and a longer sheet of paper, or packing tape I suppose (not archival safe though)--and if you didn't like it or it failed it would not damage the look of your journals much.

If you don't like the idea of actually gluing, you could make a tight 'sleeve' out of a manila folder (or something of similar stiffness and durability) and slip the covers into that--you'd need two sleeves, one for the joint between the first two books, and another for the joint between the second pair of books. Then make one giant pocket folder to enclose the whole thing. It's a kludge, but it might not require modifying the journals at all..

Can't advise on stitching, I have no experience.


Bookbinding forum will help!

Innowen wrote about bookbinding, (I think it was Dec 2005). Look for his subject topic in the forums titled "Bookbinding 101, A Quick Introduction". This may be able to help you!
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Hey fairydustwings, I think

Hey fairydustwings,

I think that both your suggestions for binding cahiers together will work. Personally, I would take some PVA glue and glue the covers of each cahier together to make one book and then if I needed to, glue the series into a gutted hardback.

However, if you want to invest more time, you COULD take out all the staples (or binding...not sure how cahiers are bound) and then punch holes into each cahier and rebind all three into a book of your personal choice. Many of my bookbinding articles have lists of instructional books that you can get with lots of stitching options from coptic to simple.

Hope this helps!

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Look here and follow the links. DIYP is a maze of knowledge: book binding :swoon:

inno, in France a 'cahier' is a cheaply bound notebook, hence my Napoléon/War and Peace notebook joke. :D

Thanks so for all your replies

Thanks for all you replies. They were all helpful and have given me lots of different ways to consider. I fall asleep thinking about this project, I think I'm just a little nutty. :)

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I do some of my best problem solving the moments before and right after sleep... best to keep a pen and paper near the bed :o)
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