Filing Notecards

Since converting to a hPDA (or is it "an" hPDA?) I have found that filing them in my usual manila file folders is somewhat tricky. Since they are much smaller than the 8.5 x 11" documents with whom they dwell in the file, they tend to get buried.

I have considered inserting notecard-sized file folders that would house all of my cards, but what would keep them from sliding out? Does anyone have experience with this that would care to share?

Today while going through some discarded Pendaflex hanging files, I found a few with the "InfoPocket" glued inside. I'm considering glueing a similar type of "pocket" inside of a manila folder to house my cards. I have a glue stick and some paper handy. Hmmmmm....


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An InfoPocket?...

Hi Bob

Words starting with a vowel sound use 'an' as a determiner. For example 'hour' begins with a silent consonant and therefore uses 'an'. However, the 'H' in hPDA is pronounced therefore we use 'a' as the determiner(*). (My English master will be spinning in his grave tonight :D )

Shris shares some good information on managing 43 folder style index cards and inno posted a link somewhere. Hmmm, Japan rings a bell....

(*)Anyone know of a clearer explanation?

A vs An


I think the usage of 'a' vs 'an' depends on how you say it. If you call it an Aitch-Pee-Dee-Yay, then 'an' would be correct. But if you call it a Huh-Pee-Dee-Yay, then 'a' would be the correct form.

The idea, I think, is to avoid a glottal stop like you get when you say a-a. Though I don't think that's what's taught, it's the net effect.



As Does Lobster...

Shris, you are correct. Now we can see who sent my teacher to an early grave. :D

Bob, Ignore me and look at this: :P How I Index and Use Index Cards (3x5) (Digital Alan not me, obviously :D )



On the subject of sticking index cards in letter files, I seem to recall seeing some self-stick plastic pockets in my local Staples. I grabbed the business card size, but I'd bet money they've got at least 4x6 pockets as well. You could peel and stick a vinyl pocket inside your folder if you want.

On the other hand, using a glue stick to roll your own would probably be a lot cheaper, and you could subdivide your pockets or have more than one pocket per folder..

Personally, I don't file my index cards in letter files--I keep them in a separate index card box with their own tabs. I've got a couple of them with separate purposes. :)


here i go again

I bet you follow a more in-depth hPDA system than I do...

I bought a Rubbermaid index card holder for under a dollar and store all my used/"file" cards in there. The lid is secure so my cats can try their best to sabotage me but fail everytime. =^..^=

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Hey Bob, I just found a fun solution for you !! Instead of "making" the info pockets for inside your manilla folders, I just used a UPS Airbill Pocket. Do you know what I mean by that? I cut it in half and a notecard fits perfect in it. It already has "glue" on the back of it because you are supposed to adhere it to your UPS package and they are FREE! :)

Hope this ideas helps - I think there are many more uses for this as well!

nay nay


I've been trying to figure the best way to add pockets to my large folders!

So, where does one acquire 43 UPS pockets without getting strange looks...?

with a smile


Easy. With a smile. Just go in, get a bunch of folders, smile and nod, and then leave. It works for me brilliantly whenever I go and grab fistfulls of paint chip cards for my art. :)

However, if you're still self conscious, I know that PaperZone here in the US sells clear pocket sized envies that are perfect for a journal, or 4x6 photos. They may have bigger, but I have the 4x6 at home.


Another idea

If you are filing 3 by 5 cards--what about the pockets that libraries put into books (or at least used to) to keep the cards? I imagine that teacher or educator supply stores have them.

link time

Here is a link to a place that offers a free template for a library cards pocket... CLICKME

(reference to original post for kicks ;o) here )

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The thing is, my 43folders are clear plastic see-through folders. I did this because the way my brain works, if it's out of sight it's out of mind. :(

So, I wanted some clear plastic stick-on holders for 3x5 cards...

Thanks Sara!!

The library pocket template is awesome! It is simple enough for me, Roberto Notecardo -- the guy that almost failed kindergarten as a child because I couldn't get the corners to line up when folding a piece of paper in half -- to figure out. I printed off two of them, then taped them side by side on a 8.5 x 11 paper, so I can photocopy two at a time.

I glued my first one to the cover of a Moleskine Cahier, and now have created a combo capture book / notecard holder. I've recently started writing a weekly To Do list on a notecard, but didn't have a good way to carry it with my capture book. Voila! Now I do.


If you have any pictures to share, I would love to see the results :D That idea is so great I might have to add a few to my 3-subject red composition book. (60 cents and I'm loving it~!) 3x5 cards are unbelievably useful ~ some days I can't imagine life without them... (again.
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a thought...

They make lamination 'pockets' that are 3.5 by 5.5 inches... those might be hackable :D

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Clear 4x6 photo album pages...

. made to fit 3 ring binders ought to work well. Hmm... I should buy some and try them out!


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B. Banzai

Found one...

Avery makes this. Could hold cards horizontally or vertically.
Photo Pages
6 Photos per Page | 4" x 6" | Mixed Orientation
Item # Quantity Price
13401 10 $3.59

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.
B. Banzai

Another Use for 3.5" Diskette Sheets

Today inspiration hit me again. Wow! It's almost like someone recently flipped my "creativity switch". The 3.5" Diskette Sheets that I have taped to my office wall for holding /displaying notecards, can also be taped inside of file folders. Today I cut one sheet into three separate 2-card holders which will be two-way taped inside of my manila file folders. Filing problem solved!



Dah - why didn't we all think of that sooner? Nice job Bob! Glad you finally got a solution to your filing woes!
:) nay nay

Little Black Box

What ever happened to those black boxes that they made us use in Elementary School to hold our flashcards? Anybody else remember those?

If you didn't have a lot of 3x5's, those might work well...