Dismantling and coil binding a moleskine cahier? Would it work?

Do you think dismantling and then coil binding a moleskine cahier would work? Thanks, Kris

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My job at the print shop has introduced me to several binding procedures, one of which is coil binding...

I have cut the traditional bindings off of several music books and coil bound them for easier reading... it works so well that the client comes in frequently now. As long as the coil is the correct size, any quality paper should hold up to the daily use.

I would think that a coil binding would work well. Would you be doing this process yourself or taking it to a local business?

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Thanks so much

Yes, I would be taking it to a printing shop. I once tried coil binding something myself by reusing an old coil and punching my paper along the holes of the cheap paper that had been in it, I made a disaster of it. Thanks so much for your reply!! I really appreciate it!


After everything is finished ... I would love to see or hear about the results :o)

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