This obsession makes work both a heaven and hell!

Hello everyone! All my life I've had what others called an obsession with paper and pens. What a wonderful discovery to find that I'm not the only one who can spend hour upon hour in the stationery store!

As it turns out, I work in a distribution center for the worlds biggest office supply company. I often see forms and planners that are amazing but priced beyond my budget. Sooo...... I just make a copy and put them on my computer for printing. I would love to share them with you but don't want to violate any DIY rules.

Can someone advise me on whether or not it would be ok to post these templates?

PS I love this site. I have found that I have to set a timer when I visit though or my ADD will cause me to spend hours here.

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Copyright laws


Photocopies/scans of someone else's forms are bad, legally speaking. Likewise something you made that's too obviously a direct copy of someone else's form is also legally bad.

Just having a form with the same fields on it wouldn't be a big deal unless the names of the fields are unique to that company.

If you made one that's 'like' another form, but it's obviously different and definitely your own effort is probably OK.

But I'm no lawyer and the internet is a big place, with a foothold in every world jurisdiction.

Don't post direct copies. You could get in trouble.