is there some way to track, which CDs I already own?

when I'm out shopping and find a new CD or used one, I sometimes wonder if I already own it -- -- Has anyone got a good idea and how to keep track of which artists or albums are already at home?
Either an easy program or simple listing to carry around when shopping?

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I had a list


I made a list for myself on my PDA at one point. I painstakingly graffiti'ed every title and artist in my collection. I figured I could use the list for insurance purposes too, if my home were burglarized or destroyed in a disaster.

You can use any one of a number of database or listing programs to handle something like this, or you could use paper forms.

If you wanted paper forms, I'd recommend something very small, so each artist, for example, could have one page, then you list the various titles of theirs that you own. If you go even smaller, then you could have one title per page. This would allow you to rearrange the pages or insert new pages as you acquire or divest your CDs.

I found that after that initial effort, I no longer had the necessary motivation to keep the list up. So now I probably have 20 or 30 CDs that aren't listed in my PDA simply because it's not worth the effort to me to maintain the list. I don't use it enough.

Heh, I did the same thing with my books at one point and that fell by the wayside too. You *can* do oodles of stuff with lists, and you *can* carry your lists with you so you know what you've got. But just because you can doesn't mean you will. And just because you did it once doesn't mean you'll want to keep it up.

Are you really going to want to fiddle with that list whenever you add something to your collection? What's the payoff for all that effort? Do you really buy that much stuff that you already own? When you bring it home, don't open it until you've checked your collection, so you can return it if it's a dupe.

A small process change in your buying methodology could give you a way out that requires less effort than maintaining a list to prevent the duplicate buy in the first place.


I considered putting all of

I considered putting all of my cd's onto the computer, but it was very difficult - especially when iTunes didnt know the CDs!!!!!
I still havent finished it, and my laptop is struggling - often crashing and freezing!!!!
iTunes (and Media player and most other media type aps) allow you to print lists which could help if all (or most) are on the computer.

Books for me would be too hard. I don't have a bookshelf in my room, not a proper one anywya and there are like 5 big cardboard fold up boxes in the garage with them all. And there are more - I just don't know where!!!

take yer iPod

One of the things I tend to do when I'm actually shopping at a store for music, is to carry my iPod with me. That way I can see exactly what I have... or which albums from my favorite artists I don't have yet.

Of course, I do realize not everyone has access to this or the ability of keeping their whole collection on a single device, but I know that doing this has helped me to find lots of nifty new tunes. (that is, when i'm not buying things from iTunes directly.)


good idea

Great idea! What I tend to do is I always kinda get obsessed with artists and I'll listen over and over againand i'll be like "i need lily allens cd" or whatever. Must say though, Lily allen, the veronicas, christina aguileria and robbie williams have only ever beenminors. There was (and still kinda) lol the delta goodrem stage, and the jack johnson/pete murray "keepin the acoustic real" stage. lol

My mum will see a cd and go buy it. she never listens, i put them straight on my iPod and give them back. We actuially have 2 copies of JET and 2 or Missy Higgins, because she forgets!!!!!

Delicious Library

If you are on a Mac, there is a catalogging app called Delicious Library

One very neat feature it has is placing a copy of your database in the Notes on your iPod.

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Delicious Library

I've been using this for the past couple of years - it's a great system to keep track of all media (books, music, and movies/tv shows), as well as games, electronics, and other items.

There is a terrific program

There is a terrific program called ReaderWare which will catalog your books, CDs or movies - you can purchase each version separately or all three of them on one CD. They also sell or link to sites for UPC code readers which facilitate loading your library information. The program is wonderful and not very expensive.

What I've been using for years

I have all my CD's recorded in a program called Music Collector from The company also has software to catalog books, movies, comics, games, and photos. They also have an MP3 Collector, but are gradually combining it with Music Collector. They have versions for Windows and Mac, IPhone, IPad, and Android, and a web-version, too.

I have been using this company's products for years and have well over a thousand CD's recorded in it.

What about a Google Doc

You could keep a list on Google Docs, as a spreadsheet and access it from your phone when you are at the music store. That's what I do.