Graph, Lined or Blank?

One of the things holding me back from purchasing a Moleskine is the difficult decision of which paper to select: graph, lined or blank. I don't do any sketches, but there is still something about a blank page that is appealing. Lines help me get more on the page, but the graph paper is also cool. Decisions, decisions....

What is your preference?


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one of each !!

to start with, anyway :)
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i picked plain

I had been drooling over a moleskine reporter style book so this weekend I made myself one. Its all blank pages... nice heavy printer paper. There isn't a label on the ream (I got it from work)... but I'm guessing at least 24 lb. I haven't added the moleskine reknowned pocket yet... but I used some scrap elastic to make a removable closure with pen loop.

Here are some pics:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

yay for being poor and DIY kinda gal! :o)

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DIY - Nice!

Sara - nice job on the DIY Moleskine Reporter! Looks GREAT! :)


Thank you!

I have no idea what I'm going to use it for >.<

The elastic holder with pen loop is too easy to make! I got a huge spool of elastic from my last job (They were going to throw it away so I grabbed it.) I think I might make one for my hPDA... I also am thinking of a new revision...
of course I can't locate the link now >.< but there is an example somewhere in cyber space of a cover I loved ♥

Link to new cover idea

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I don't draw or sketch but

I don't draw or sketch but my preference is still a blank notebook, whether Moleskine or my own home-made notebooks.

You can get the Cahiers which are less expensive, I think. They are available lined, blank or graph.


I'm a plain paper kinda gal, though I don't draw or sketch. Depending on what I'm writing, I leave more or less space between the lines. I write fiction, so I find that I'm always wanting to add things between two lines of text-- hard to do if you're using lined paper.

The one exception for me are the lined Levenger letter-sized pages, which have a large space down the margin for you to add notes, etc. Their graph paper has the same space, so maybe that's the best of all worlds? :)


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