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For all of the artists and papercrafters out there looking for something unique to use in a project or in a planner, I give you a website I loved when I was making paper boxes and origami.


I was always pleased with their service, and they have an enormous selection of incredible papers. I started by ordering their Super Scrap assortment back in 2001 or so, since it provides usable scraps of a bunch of different things. Usable scraps means pieces larger than 4.25 x 5.5 in my case. Some were smaller but still big enough to judge by.

The proprietress was always available to answer questions about the selection, and I found their photographs to be very accurate most of the time. Since most of the papers are handmade there was variation of course.

Right now I have some of their Bengali Marble scraps gracing my quarter-letter planner as cover (with transparent plastic to protect & stiffen) and dividers. Gorgeous! I still have some of the pale blue silk with silver stars, too, which is incredible.

Anyway, enjoy. Tell them 'shris' sent you. :) I don't think I'll get any kickbacks or anything, but they might remember me. :)


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paper heaven~! Thank you for the link~! ♥

::commences drooling::

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