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Hey all, just wanted to thank everyone who works on this site. I never thought there was anyone quite as fascinated with organization as I was. Just wanted to ask about the letter size templates. It was mentioned in an earlier post, but then the A5 were posted so I thought perhaps the letter size was an incorrect statement. Are the letter size still on the way? I would personally prefer this as I use a letter size myself. But no worries.

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Letter size on the way...

Yes, the indefatigable eric (small "e") Farris is porting my Classic designs over to letter-size, complete with a number of changes and added fields warranted by the new size. It's a lot of effort, so be nice to him (geeky gifts, money and a copy of InDesign CS2 will also work) and he might present us all with a present in the not-too-distant future. ;-)