Moleskine Info Book

Here is a description of the Moleskine Info Book: The Moleskine notebooks have a cardboard bound cover with rounded corners and an elastic closure divided into five items: bed, food, people, sights, facilities.

My ?: does anyone have one of these? If so, the five divided areas... does every single page say one of the 5 areas? or is the area just marked by the first page of that area? Did that make ANY sense at all?

I would like to buy this Moleskine, but have different divisions than they do. For example: Work todo, home todo, calendar, finance, etc. So, do I just have to cover up the "Food" section once with whatever I name it, or do I have to cover every single page in the food section with whatever I am naming it?

You know, it is late in the day and I am stressing out over my planner, so forgive me if none of that made any sense!
nay nay

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Moleskine City Books

nay nay,

I know what you're talking about but from what i've seen, they're not available yet here in the States. Of course, i could be wrong as i haven't looked around online for a supplier yet.

They have them defined by US and European city. You could scour the site for more info. Of course, you COULD take one of these journals and then modify it to fit your needs. I can tell you more in a different post if you're interested?


Planning to Chill...

Hi nay nay, you always make sense to me. ;) Have you seen Vanessa's post on the McGill File Tab Punch?

Moleskine Info Book

Hi nay nay,

I have it sitting right in front on my desk. The designation is only written on the very first page of each section. I have modified mine to show office, mac, phone, forest (my other workplace) and projects. Simple to modify and great to use.



First, thank you everyone for your help and I absolutely love the fact that I make sense to you all! There are many who do not understand a single word I say. :)

Klaus - thanks for the info - that is exactly what I wanted to hear!

BIG Smiles,
nay nay

Nay Nay

I was curious what the results of your Moleskine Info Book idea were...

Oh and I found this LINK and thought of this post immediately :)

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Oh My GOSH SARA! I do not know where you find all of these links, but this is one that I was looking for!!! Just like the hack they did on this link, that is what I was thinking of doing. Maybe not the same sections, but something similar. I haven't purchased one yet since I seem to change my mind everyday! But, I would probably have the following sections: Calendar, Actions, Finances, Someday/Maybe and ?? (not sure). And I like the idea of the folder being the inbox! This is great! I am glad to see someone did it - now maybe I will have to purchase one!

Thank you Sara! You are the best!

aww shucks

I am my entire family's search engine. Somehow I can filter through all of the crap and reach the sites that count. Must be the abnormal amount of time I spend online everyday. Plus when I was unemployed I spent way too many days in my home 'office/studio'... granted many hours were playing WoW but that was just mental preparation :P

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mmm WoW

mmm WoW. heck, i have 2 full time jobs (granted, this one is volunteer based) and i still manage to play WoW daily. :)