(I am currently embarking on a project to give back to this community. You all have been so supportive and generous in your contributions. I haven't been a member here very long but this site has definitely impacted my daily life.
As a 'thank you', I am going through every post made in the forum and extracting the links. I will compile them all on this thread. I hope everyone will find this useful. Take care ♥)

last update 25.Jan.07 (Still a TON more threads to go through. I apologize... my tendonitis is threatening to strike because my comfortable typing position is impeded by a sleeping feline. More to come... stay tuned.)

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    More Fountain Pens


    "I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


    added :o)
    my artwork


    more pen stuff


    added :o)
    my artwork


    isellpens.com is another great fountain pen seller. Todd sells interesting Chinese pens and several brands of ink (noodlers is fun). I like the Hero pens and now own a ton of them. Many people use the Hero 329, 330, or 616 for writing in notebooks, as they are more on the fine side. I love my 616 (don't have the others) and really love the gold nib on my 200A. Lots of fun pens that write well and don't break the bank. Prompt shipping.
    I don't own the company, nor have I even spoken to Todd, just a happy customer.


    added :o)
    my artwork


    Love link pages and find them quite helpful. Thanks Sara!


    some interesting links were unearthed this evening...thought i would bump it to let you all know i added some more.

    time for some R&R before bed.

    take care my fellow DIY junkies ♥ :D
    my artwork

    Interesting GTD site (from Japan!)

    I tried to post the following in a new thread, but every time I hit the post button, all I got was a blank page, and my posts never appeared, so I'm trying here.... Here we go:

    I accidently found an interesting video by accident on YouTube tonight, which led me to discover the following:

    Which is an interesting take on GTD, turning it into a sort of game, using something called "Rhodia" cards (Japan-only?) He has all sorts of templates, including holders for these cards that are color coded for today, week, month, someday, and Hold, and a game board, and other things, including templates that look sort of PocketMod-ish. In fact, he also has a web page here:
    LINK (warning: all in Japanese)

    There are pictures of all the items there, but he has templates, including a nice "Ideas" template, and even a mobile phone holder and cube calendar! Nifty stuff to play with!

    Sorry, Sara, but I am a total ignoramous when it comes to delicious, or however it's written, and feel too old to try learning it. Maybe someone else can put these up on the DIYPlanner stuff there?


    Dare I say French?...

    Hi Jon

    Interesting site. FYI Rhodia are French. The belong to the Exacompta Clairefontaine group of companies. The paper is 80 gsm bond (24 lbs bond American) compared to the 90 gsm brushed vellum paper (60lb book American) of Clairefontaine vélin veouté. The pads are stapled at the top of the pad instead of the side and the one I have used had perforations for easy detachment.

    Hmmm, I wonder if Ygor know where to buy them from? ;)


    ygor.... We're waiting! ;-)

    Thanks, Sardonios, for the information. I had never heard of them before, but they seemed popular in Japan, at least. :-)


    You rang ?

    Exaclair, naturellement.
    "I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

    Rhodia notebooks

    I've seen Rhodia notebooks in a couple stores in the area. I don't remember where, it's not really something I was keeping an eye out for. I've seen them a couple places online such as www.pendemonium.com Doesn't like like they are as hard to get in the US as other Clairefontaine products.


    but Krakow?

    As in Poland? There's the rub.... Ah, but they aren't that important! But it would be neat to see such things....

    However, I've looked for just about everything here, and it's only simple notebooks, mostly with grids--lined paper is almost as rare as hens' teeth or Rollabind here. ;-) But I shall now be keeping my eyes peeled for Rhodia as well.

    BTW, there is one store in town that sells some of the Moleskin books. I bought my wife a little week planner for Christmas, and immediately fell in love with it---but I've resisted getting one for myself--so far...


    Lovely job, Sarah, thanks.

    That is very helpful, but do take it easy, and take care with your arm. A couple of weeks ago I got very bad tendonitis from similar work, making a long list, and lots of click and drag. A week of agony, and equal amount of wasted time, and its still not right. Heed your body's warning.