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Hi all

First post - yeah! But turned out really long - sorry!

Been using DIY for about 3 months so far and am finding it the best thing since sliced bread, being, like many of you, a stationery addict and have tried every planning tool going.

Decided I needed a new system when was promoted up and now have actual staff to look after.

So am currently using diary, very effectively with monthly/weekly/daily. However I'm struggling to use the action pages etc for anything more than note taking. Therefore I thought that if I explain my job, someone out there might be able to point me in the right direction (I am not looking for the 'perfect' answer, just an answer ;)

I work in a team of 9 people - Boss, myself and one other event leader, and teams of 3 under each leader running careers style events for secondary school students. Schools pick 3 days activity a year off a menu of around 7 different types of events. Each person in the team has their own 'events' and schools to look after as well as one off activities and long term activities.

I personally look after the co-ordination of the dates of the events (so we don't end up at 2 schools on the same day) as well as having 2 long term projects of my own.

So there is no such thing as an average day, or even an average week. If we have an event coming up it is up to the co-ordinator and myself to prepare all the handouts, equipment and discussing with the school facility and set up requirements.

I have prepared checklists for each event on what needs to be prepared etc and reduced those into my planner so I have them to hand. But how can I be more efficient rather than just making masses of notes and then struggling to even work out what priority to give stuff and what to start on first.

Anyway, will stop rambling now, thanks for getting this far

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Hi Luce Welcome Aboard...

Hi Luce, Welcome to D*I*Y.

I think your first question is "what are my roles?" For example: if one has an admin role, we can look at how others in handle the same tasks regardless of job title.. The same applies with a teaching role or selling shoes... :D

Note vs Actions: According to Allen a Next Action is the very next physical action one needs to perform in order to complete a task. Most dedicated follower of GTD seem to espouse the given truth as "start each 'Action' with with a verb". Apart from a new source of childish amusement for those of us who know what a verb is, the correct way is (as every school boy knows) Subject --> Verb --> rest of sentence. :D

For the actual planning phase of a project, concept maps such as Buzan's 'Mind Map' appear popular. However I prefer A4 size Cornell Notes. Moving up a notch D*I*Y has a wealth of Project Templates and in between the two we have the Project Emphasis Form, Which I believe is what you actually looking for. :)

I am playing catch up at the moment. However I will give your post some thought. Hopefully someone will point you in the right direction. :)

Thank you and new form attempt!

Thank you for your advice - defiantly helped me!

I've had a long sit down and tried to work out what I do and what I actually need to record and keep track of.

I’ve developed my own inbox and note taking procedure which means that everything that I get asked to do or as things come in they get written down and then I categorise and tag each piece of paper for my own doing or for delegation!

The results of all of this are my own to do/next action template form - very basic, very much MS Word (sorry, still playing with OO, will one day work out how to use it effectively!). I think it has everything I need for now, will continue to play as the thing evolves.

Just need to work out how to upload it here for people to scrutinize!