a new idea (i think)

My frustrations with most off-the-shelf planners: (1) too much emphasis on calendar, not enough on managing actions/projects, (2) usually difficult to "carry over" actions from day2day or week2week, (3) difficult to categorize actions or lists of actions.

So I created the attached. I find the NA tab and the WF tab to be the most useful. Here's how it works for Next Actions (you can apply for WFs, SMs, Projects, and Agendas in a similar fashion): (a) pick your favorite planner with pages 8.5"H x 5.5"W (half of a letter-sized page) or larger. (b) print out my NA page on regular letter paper...flip it over and print again to create 4 NA lists on two sides , (c) fold the print-out in half to create a 5.5in x 8.5in "booklet" which opens in reverse (fold pointing to the right,(d) here's where it's tough to describe: slide the folded page over the right-hand side of your planner pages so that it opens like a book, but in reverse (fold pointing out to the right). the NA list would cover the right-hand pages, (f) keep your running list of NAs on this page, when the current day/week elapses, simily unfold the NA page, flip your planner page to the next period, and fold the NA back over the next right-hand page, (g) when you run out of space, you can re-fold and use the other side, or discard and start another one. Features:
1. allows you to easily carry over tasks period to period, minimizing re-writing
2. I use a very simple prioritization system: in the first column ("priority"), i leave it blank if it's a lower or normal priority, i put a dot for higher priority, and i put a star for 'must do'. Enables you to easily scan the page and identify the important or urgent items.
3. in the second column is the simplest status tracker in the world: blank = "not done", check-mark = "done"
4. "Date" is flexible, you can use it for date-recorded, date-completed, or date-delegated
5. each page is divided into 4 sections for grouping or segregating actions as you see fit.
6. "Delegation" column: put the initials or person to whom you've delegated, this way it's easy to spot items you must do yourself versus items you're relying on someone else to do
7. Seven shaded "categorization" columns; you can use these in any way you see fit. Label the columns however you want, and on each item/line, put a simple bullet in the relevant column to categorize it example: label the columns with GTD contexts (@office, @home, @phone, etc); or label the columns with days of the week to schedule your activities over the course of the week. This enables you to write one unrelated item after another, but at the same time to apply a simple "tick-mark" categorization so that you can easily scan the page and see your phone-calls, or your errands, or the things you need to do on Tuesday vs. Wednesday...
8. Use a separate page to plot out actions for a large project or several smaller projects; use category columns as days of the week, upcoming weeks, or months.
9. you can use the folded NA page as an easy book-mark to mark off the next month-start or next section of you planner. front page makes it easy to flip to the current period, while back page can make it easy to flip to next period or section of your planner.
10. Makes an easy satellite! Just pull the page out and take it with you to the grocery store, e.g.
11. if you use the Waiting-For tab, use the category columns to list the names of the people you most frequently are waiting-for (your direct reports, team members, boss, spouse, etc.); for anyone else, put their initials/name in the "Owner" column.

Let me know what you think!

Mike Weinberg List Book v6.xls136 KB
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nice template!

Hey Mike! Just wanted to say this is a great template! I really love the columns along the right side. I have tweaked it with my project names so that I know what action belongs to what project. It is easier for me to see all of my actions on one page versus have multiple project pages... Just me>

Thank you for sharing this!!!
SMILES, nay nay

Very creative

It appears to import into OpenOffice Calc without problems.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I finally got it open. :( it

I finally got it open. :( it still isn't what I am looking for.

But I do have a question are there any posts on how to make forms on a Mac? Maybe what I need to do is customize one for him.

Thanks in advance.

Are you listening ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

very interesting

It looks great, even though i admit to being lost on the instructions. Cant imagine needing all that. I mean, wow! You have a buzy life. and organizer.