Greetings from Malaysia

Hello, everyone

I'm Chet from Malaysia. I've been reading this site for a while, and finally decided to jump in as I see there are a few Circa users here.

My main interest is in the Circa System from Levenger. I own a desktop puncher and a variety of rings, from which I make my own notebooks. The two main sizes I use are the A5 (US equivalent is the Classic, I think; I'm from Malaysia where we use the A system, A4 being the standard office paper measurement) and the 3x5. I have a Circa photo set over at Flickr, and both my A5 work planner and 3x5 notebooks have been featured on the Notebookism site.

The 3x5 notebook is a catchall scratchpad that I carry with me most of the time. I'm beginning to find that it needs a calendar section, so I'm off to get some done now. :)

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Hello and welcome aboard :o)

There are seveal circa users in our 'community' of planner-aholics. (Unfortunatly, I am not one - yet).

You did an excellent job on your circa notebooks... they look great!
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Hi Chet...

Hi Chet

I have just seen your pictures of Yoong Ping. Who would have though anything (except food) could compete with paper planner. :) Welcome aboard.

awww baby panda!

I had to go back and investigate what Sardonios was referring to...

What an adorable baby panda~!
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Did you see my AlphaSmart

Did you see my AlphaSmart pictures? That's the other thing sharing my life with Circa and Yoong Ping. Ask away if anyone doesn't know what's an AlphaSmart.


The AlphaSmart looks interesting, Doug mentioned it on a post somewhere. Although I did not realise it has a full size keyboard and internet connectivity. Thank you Chet, I will have to have another look. :)


Chet, do you have the AS Dana? I've got a QuickPad Pro, but it's not backlit, so it can be hard to read the screen in some circumstances (I can't use it in bed, for example). I love my QuickPad-- I do all my first draft writing on it. (I tend to get bogged down editing and re-writing, and the small screen size really helps me shut off my "inner editor.")

I've been looking at a Dana-- it's a cheap laptop alternative. But then Dell starts another sale, and I convince myself I should just wait and shell out the $$ for a new laptop instead.


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Hi Laura - yes, I have the

Hi Laura - yes, I have the AS Dana. It has a backlight which I seldom use because I hardly need it. I love the keyboard and the big screen.