I "hacked" my Mum ;P

No...no... settle down. I "hacked" my Mum meaning... I've introduced her to the world of hPDAs ... without actually doing just that.

I took some of that 'scrap' paper from work... cut it down to 3 by 5 inch sheets. I printed out a custom cover using Photoshop and an image of my crocuses one spring on one side and a 2007 calendar on the reverse. I used my hand held single hole punch to 'smurf' the corners and then slid a brass fastener through. The result can be viewed HERE. She carries it in her purse and I've witnessed its use twice now :D

I was suprised at how well the brass fastener worked. (Refer to the image HERE if you are confused...)

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Brass fasteners ... I

Brass fasteners ... I haven't seen those in years. Great idea, BTW. More organised than using those standalone rings, I think.


They are very versatile... I didn't include many pages for my Mum in case she felt "threatened" by a stack of blankness.

I used one fastener to keep a stack of my old planner pages together for storage purposes. I'm pleased to report that despite the thickness, I can still "spin" it to view the pages I need to reference :)

my artwork

...but not as durable

Once your Mum gets comfortable with it, you should transition her to something more durable for adding/removing pages. The brass fastener would suffice for a planner that does not change much, if at all. I remeber the fasteners. Great for making a bound document, but they'd break pretty quickly if you opened/refastened them too many times.

Great idea for a starter-Hipster
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