Off Topic: Humor: Multilingual Get-A-Mac

I wandered across this on Slashdot and it led me to British and Japanese versions of the Get-A-Mac ads with different actors.

Wonderful !!

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Tentacle of the Octopus...

'Shenanigans and tomfoolery'? I really do not know what to say! :D

Not to mention...

Monkey Business,
and Just Larking About :)

:nudge:nudge:wink:wink: Say no more !
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I liked those almost as much as the 'US' ones... :P
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Speaking of those ads...

You know, one of the U.S. Mac commercials drives me crazy -- the one where the PC is getting upgraded. I keep getting annoyed because you can't do much upgrading to a Mac, you have to buy a new one, and the fact that they don't mention that part irritates me.

Then again, I'm a Linux person. :)


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