one page per week format?

Has anyone seen any one page per week format planning pages? I've seen plenty of two page per week pages, but this is the *ONLY* one page per week I've managed to find and exactly what I want: One week at a glance on one side, a whole page for notes on the other side. Except I don't want it in a bound notebook: I like being able to take out pages and move them around. If no such pages exist, I'm actually thinking about designing my own and posting them here. If I can't find planner pages in the format I want, I plan on making my own and printing them out.

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You mean something like

You mean something like this?

That's a two-page spread from my home-made A5 Circa planner, which is modelled after the Moleskine 2007 weekly planner. I made a template in A4 size, print it out (reduced to A5) and make as many copies as I need.

Use the Templates, Luke !

Pages 23 and 24

I believe the other sizes have similar pages, but I did not specifically look.

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That is exactly what I was looking for. I'll just print out a few of those with plain lined page on the back.

One exactly like that is posted

to the templates page at this url:

It's in Word format, and if you need to, you can do quite a bit of editing. I have some text boxes with holidays, so you might check those and delete any you don't want, and add any others you do.

I hope it's helpful.