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Just looking for advice here... I work for a very large organization and have the interesting situation of being officially part of two departments. This is causing some interesting issues. One being they each use different systems - Exchange + Outlook at one, standard pop3 + smtp email and Oracle calendar at the other.

Lucky enough - I've got the email all going into the same place, and the email address all in one place which is good. The problem is with the calendar. There is a firewall set up and I can't get to the Oracle calendar any way except for web-based. The web-based interface has no import or export functionality!

My current solution is spend a couple minutes a day checking meetings to make sure they are all in both calendars and also in my paper planner (for when I'm not at the computer).

Any better ideas? BTW - I need my meetings in the calendars so my bosses at both departments will know when I'll be there and when I won't. The ideal solution would be to sync up the two calendars, print it out, and punch the pages every so often.

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Tough Problem

From your description, the roadblock seems to be the Oracle Calendar's Web Interface.
I'd try contacting the folks who administer that and see if they might be of any help.
You may also need to consider being stuck with the Manual Method you currently use.

Good luck.
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