This may be a weird question, but does this site or any similar site (if there is such a thing) have a chat room? It would be great to talk to like-minding people who are trying to use custom planners to get their lives more organized.

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Why burden the already flaky ISP ?

Just trade AOL/iChat ID's and do your own chat.

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Chat rooms

That was actually something we considered when we were about to launch, but then we figured nobody would show up....

I generally only do IRC myself, and then only when I'm supposed to meet someone. What do the cool kids use nowadays? Do they sit around in a pub in World of Warcraft or something, and drink virtual ale? Or do they teleport somewhere in Second Life? I'm guessing my xterm would seem a little primitive without all the rendered polygons. ;-)

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Re: Chat Rooms

I think IRC would be a good idea actually, no need to tax the server, just mention a server and channel (and perhaps a quick explanation for those who aren't familiar with IRC), and wait for the hordes to turn up... or not as the case may be.

Possible server issue with my last comment

I just got the following message in red at the top when posting my last comment:

"The comment you are replying to does not exist."

The comment appears to have posted fine however.

(Edit: I got it on this comment too)


Never heard of IRC but I always have time to chat with peoples... :D I mean... procrast-i-chat with peoples ;P
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