I've gotta get a paper cutter.

I attempted to assemble a DIY Rollabind notebook tonight. It works, but wow do I need a paper cutter. I suck with both scissors AND a utility knife. Everything's off center and misaligned.


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Definitely--but get a good one!

Several years ago, I bought a very high quality guillotine cutter that has a genuine, _very_ sharp blade. I use it to cut booklets of up to sheets of paper--or more--on a regular basis. It is one of our most-used and vital tools in the house. It is money _very_ well spent, and I'm so glad we don't have one of those cheapo kind. I can cut a ream of A4 paper to A4 or A6 in mere minutes. Definitely worth getting a good one if you can afford it--and I would buy the best you can afford. You don't want ragged edges, or crooked cuts. And make sure you get a guillotine cutter with a genuine blade. Roller cutters can only cut one sheet at a time, and the guillotine cutters that depend on "pressing" the blade against the base are also limited on the number of sheets, and even thickness of paper--and they are the ones most prone to ripping the paper, making ragged cuts, and cutting crooked cuts, or worse, cutting "almost" through at the end of the stroke, but not all the way, leaving mangled paper. As I said, get the best you can afford.

Good advice.

I'll do that. Thank you.

-- Steff

I use...

I recieved this bypass cutter for christmas and it works great...

my artwork

That's slick

I like it. Small, compact, carrying handle...

And here's mine. Thanks for the idea of posting. I hadn't even thought of looking for mine. ;-)


Paper cutting

If I were back in preschool, I'd flunk scissors, myself. My three-year-old cuts a straighter line than I do!

I saw this paper cutter when I was in Staples yesterday. It uses a rotary (circular) blade, rather than a straight edge, and you can swap out the blade for others that perforate or score pages, or cut fancy edges (like scrapbooking scissors). It was only $35, which seemed pretty inexpensive compared to guillotines. (And it was smaller, which would be good if you're short on space.)

I use a rotary cutter and a mat that I got at Jo-Ann years ago, when I started quilting. (After the blade gets too dull for fabric, I use it for paper.) The list price is $50, but they always have coupons for 50%-off-one-item in the paper. :) I like the rotary cutter, because you can cut any shape/size, and when you place the clear ruler over the item, you see exactly where the edge is going to be when you cut it. It's great for trimming photos.


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