I gave up using a palm pilot after it crashed for the last time several years ago. One of the greatest uses I made of it was for the dietlog/excercise log. It was also the greatest frustration as I couldn't face replacing all the information that I had dutiful compiled several times over.

Having just had two babies in less than two years I am to determined to regain my health. The doctor told me while I was pregant that if I didn't lose the extra weight within the next year I never would. Harsh, but motivating. And it's just math right? so I was overjoyed when I came across, with it's free online service. Just the thing I've been looking for for years.

This means I'm jotting everything down on paper. I suddenly found a use for a slim paperblanks journal that was given to me as a gift and sitting around looking pretty for far too long. It's just nice enough to feel like I've committed to my goals. Cheap notebooks, index cards, circa/planner could all work very well in tandem with the online account. I find fitday does everything that the more expensive dietlog did, if not more. If I can't find or enter the exact food the system is flexible enough to substitute and tweak until I have the information I need. It includes an online journal, various reports and suits my needs perfectly. If I used a pc I might opt for their desktop version, but don't really need it. Highly recommended, and very empowering. It could be a good source of information for would be template designers.

Thinking this was a big discovery, I mentioned it to a friend and found out she had been using it for some time. But just in case someone else needed a little help, just had to share...

All the best, jp.

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I signed up for an account with fitday back in 2000, I think. Just briefly. After several years of no activity, I went back and logged in again--they still had my account and the information I'd given them back then, including my goal.

I was impressed that they'd kept the info for so long and that it hadn't seemed to generate any spam.

I use a piece of pay-for software now when I need to concentrate on my weight loss. It's called DietPower, and it's got a decent licensing scheme. I've used it for years and been happy with it. No internet connection needed, but you do have to have a computer. This software tracks the thirty or so major nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, water, and any other particular items you want to track.

Another good one is CalorieKing, which now seems to have a desktop element as well as a web element and a palm PDA element. This one is terrific because it has an amazing food database that you can carry around on your palm. So when you're at a restaurant, you can get the calorie scoop before you order. It doesn't track all the vitamins and minerals, but the restaurant database has always been better than DietPower's.

I've used a couple of others besides these two, but these are better. They're both pay-for items, though.

I don't gain from this, though DietPower has a referral system that could get me kickbacks I guess. I'm not worried about it. I like the two softwares, and fitday is free and didn't seem to generate spam. So I have no trouble endorsing any of them.


Thanks for the info! (-:

Thanks for the info! (-:

I also just found another site (free/or upgrade) through which looks quite good although I haven't used it other than to use their free online body fat monitor. (Something I will transfer to my paper records). If someone is looking for emotional support there seems to be quite a community there.) So far happy with fitday. 17 days and counting...isn't it 21 days that make a habit?

Now if I only I can convince my husband to buy me the fluidity excercise system I've seen advertised while nursing. A wonderful birthday present.. hint.. hint. The reviews look great. If anyone has tried it out I'd love to hear about it.



I can save you some work.

I can save you a lot of trouble. I lost 20 pounds by just not eating ANYTHING other than a small portion of fruits and veggies after 7 PM, and only having a small snack when I get home from school. Also, I eat healthy. :)

Diet Plans

Hi X.

Yeah, when I was in high school, I lost 20 lbs one summer by swimming and biking every day and saying No to all the stuff my stepmother wanted me to 'finish off'.

It's much easier when you're young. After some years of sedentary job, sedentary hobbies, long commutes, losing the same 20 pounds took me six months.

Now, after babies, I have 20 pounds to lose before I reembark on the 20 pounds I'd lost before. And my life is much more complicated than it was when I was in school.

You can learn a lot about your eating habits by using software to track it. You can learn a lot about where to find the vitamins and minerals when you use a software that uses the USDA nutrient database. Mostly, though, you have to be honest with yourself about what you are doing. When you are honest with yourself, suddenly it's easy to identify the biggest problem that needs to be fixed. In my example, my utter and complete lack of motion made it impossible to burn off more than about 1500 calories a day. You try surviving on 1200 calories a day to lose weight and you too will be a grouchy cuss. :)


What shris said

In high school, I was 5'8" and wore a size ZERO. Oh, how I wanted to be curvy! And then I grew up, got married, and had a baby. I even managed to lose most of the baby weight (thanks to a little massive life stress a few years back).

And then...

My metabolism quit. I mean, quit. To the point that I went and had a complete physical, because I was certain there must be something wrong the way I kept going up in pants sizes. (Something like a massive abdominal tumor.) My doctor's reply? "This happens as you get older." (Rather patronizingly.)

Age you will. Gain weight you shall, young padawan. (To mix my metaphors... Resistance is futile!)

Laura :)


Ah, I guess it would be harder when you're older...

Regardless of how much you

Regardless of how much you note down and plan your food intake, regularly working out is also important. Weight Loss diet has two dimensions one is planning and other is balanced nutrition. Losing weight is based on the 50% exercise and 50% on the planned nutrition.

so far so good

I've been using since january 28th with good results... and not gone hungry, if anything I'm enjoying food more as I pay attention to every bite. Also learning a little about nutrition... who knew about vitamin k? and time to start taking a vitamin e a day. (almost impossible to get from food alone.)

I've been losing a little bit faster than intended as I overestimated how many calories were in my omega oil capsule. Almost half way to my goal and finding my sleep is better regulated (no easy feat with a baby to feed through the night, and my energy is increasing. One other benefit is the extra motivation to get on that treadmill to earn that extra hundred and fifty calories.

It's very empowering to know exactly what and how much I should be eating, and to make those choices for myself. Aches and pains are starting to disappear thanks to a little yoga, and I'm looking forward to starting other types of exercise.

I'm beginning to take the doctor's warning "if you don't lose it this year you never will", as meaning "it will never be easier". Nursing has to give me a lot more wiggle room. I'm going to keep this up after a lose the extra weight to keep track of excercise, and to train my body to take in the correct amount long after nursing. I had such a huge appetite through pregnancy (and from nursing) that it will take a while to teach my body what is healthy amount to consume.

all the best, jp

I was wondering...

Would anyone recommend for someone who is trying to gain weight?

Thanks :)

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another mom speaks up

As a mother of a 2 & 4 year old I feel I should second that nursing really, really helps with the weight loss. And in my case I didn't lose all the weight between them, plus I gained more than is recommended now. I know I could look better if I dropped 15 or so, but I'm pretty happy with the current state of affairs. It really is about making changes for the long haul, which it sounds like you are. The other thing I think about is that in a few short years they are both going to be on the elementary school bus at 7:30 am, leaving me ample time to go for a run before work. And at this point that's something that's completely out of the question. So I have hope that things will get better.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Since nobody asked, I'll volunteer what worked for me ... ;)

Okay, losing weight and working out is simply a matter of eating less and exercising more.

And we all know that simple=/=easy. It's really quite fracking hard, but here are some things that have helped me make it easier.

1) Salad is your friend. Eat a small salad with a small amount of dressing (1 teaspoon, max) before eating lunch or dinner. (If you eat out, order the dressing on the side then dip the tines of your fork in and spear a bite of salad.) It helps fill you up. Do not have the chips and/or bread before the meal. Salad.

2) Green Tea is your friend. I drink several unsweetened cups a day between meals. (Don't drink tea with a meal unless you are eating fish. Tea binds to metals, and while you want it to bind to mercury in the fish, it will also bind to iron and prevent you from absorbing it from your food.)

3) Exercise is exercise is exercise. Sneak it in by taking the stairs instead of the elevator to go up one floor. Park out in the back 40 of the parking lot at the store or at work. (Look, I do this in 110+ Vegas heat, it's really not that hard.) Vacuum the whole damn house once a week. Mop all the floors once a week. Scrub your countertops once a week. Wrestle with your kidlets or dogs.

4) Find an exercise you like to do. Screw what the experts say burns the most calories. If you don't like doing it, you will find all sorts of reasons not to. Find something that you enjoy enough to do that you can do it 30 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week.

Me? I have 5 "shake your moneymaker" playlists in iTunes and I boogey my butt off.

5) Cut out all the processed carbs you can. Goodbye white bread, white rice and regular pasta. Whole grain bread, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta. These foods take longer to digest and help you feel full longer.

6) You must eat one "whatever the hell I want" meal every week. It's your reward for being good and gives you something to look forward to.

And finally, "The Narrow Path" the most useful, realistic advice I have ever read about diet and exercise.

Good luck and all blessings to you as you begin the latest round of the battle of the bulge.

"In some situations you need to ask yourself 'WWRD?' What would Riggins do in a situation?"
Landry Clarke -- Friday Night Lights

Round of applause...

Kadymae you are awesome...
You are so true about everything you listed here plus if you really want to lose weight you will believe you can.
Positive thinking has been a great help to me.
Not caring what others think has also been a bonus but I like to hear down to earth logical phrasing of how to lose weight without starving yourself...
Thanks heaps you just put a smile on my dial... from Smiley.

Three words

Canadian Food Guide. It's great! Google it.


Dear JP firstly I wanted to say that you are a person I can admire because you are not giving up after your pilot crashed, you have received the worst news that if you don't lose weight now you never will and you have even managed to find things to help you and encourage you futher...
I applaud you.
I am a mother of 3 kids aged 16, 13 and 11 and I managed to go from 45 kilos after my first to over 80 kilos after my third child.
I decided in 2006 that i couldn't stand to look at myself anymore seeing my size 14s didn't fit and I was constantly at the doctors from having one thing to another ranging from high blood pressure to insomnia to depression to migraines etc...
I now weigh 56 kilos but I wear a size 6-8 I exercise regularly, I eat healthy which makes me feel good about myself, I never have to go to the doctors no more high blood pressure and i am studying to be a nutritionist/personal trainer.
I love to hear about other people going out there and making their lives better for themselves and to make themselves feel the best they can.
Keep going you will make it hugs from Kylee Smiley