The Wheel Comes Round

I'm being called away to a conference tomorrow, so I'll have to disappear for a few days. In the meantime, I'd like to mention a few of the goings-on around here.

First of all, we have a new member on the team. Please put your hands together to welcome Sara Anderson. Although she hasn't been with us long, she's shown some real determination in helping our little project. If this were a 30's gangster film, I'd say the kid got moxy.

When this site began, there was an underlying philosophy behind the way we wanted the content to work. We were a bit tired of all those "me too!" sites out there that acted simply as echo chambers for links, and so we determined that our writers would only write original articles. This, we've done to various degrees of success over the past seventeen months. But I was always aware of something missing by not highlighting other interesting sites and projects.

To that end, we've appointed Sara our "Link Wrangler". Although Sara will explain this better in her first post tomorrow, she's be responsible for highlighting one site or project a week, usually on Tuesdays. We'll be using as our way of gathering cool links. The process is simple: when you find a link you want to recommend to us (and other members), just tag it with "diyplanner". You can then see all the recommended sites by visiting I'll let her explain the rest.

Next, our little project is mentioned in a few other places lately, namely From Palm to paper (a Sacramento Bee article which also features our friends David Allen and Merlin Mann), Paper Prototyping on web design site extraordinaire A List Apart, and the latest issue of Pen World (which doesn't seem to have an online version).

Last, it seems that our upgrade has gone relatively painlessly. We've kept the number of changes fairly small to begin with, and have tried to keep status quo. We'll be integrating more new functions as we go along.

A quick note, though: our hosting provider will (hopefully) be moving us back to our old server very soon. So if we disappear in the next day or two, don't fret: we'll be back shortly, as soon as the move is complete.

See you soon, friends, and don't forget to keep filing those bug reports!

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thanks doug & diy team!

just wanted to shout out a great big THANK YOU to doug and the team members - you all are the best and i sure enjoy this site and the people on it every day!

another shout to sara - CONGRATS on joining the team!

smiles to you all,
nay nay


thank you thank you :D
my artwork

Congrats Sara!

Yeeee haaaww, we got us a "link wrangler" in this here posse. Do you get a badge, or don't you need no stinkin' badge?!



Ya ders no need for dat der badge... not in dese here parts... but I could go fer a sammich :D ♥
my artwork

Excellent News!

I look forward to reading!!

It will give me some more stuff to read while I wait for, oh, I don't know... Installment 3 of Doug's Circa review...



Circa Article 3

Unavoidably delayed, I'm afraid, while I dealt with the site upgrade and an unexpected conference. Hope you enjoy, my friend.

all my best,