template missing

i submitted a template on sunday right before i found out you were upgrading the site. just wondering if the template got to you or if i should resubmit tonight. no rush on getting it on the site, just want to know if it is out there!
thanks everyone!
nay nay :)

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i resubmitted the template - hopefully it will pop up on the site....
nay nay

Help needed!

Hello all, I have submitted a template twice... First time I have submitted a template, so maybe I did it wrong? Either way, it has not shown on the site yet. Wondering if it has made it to whoever approves the submissions or if I did in fact submit it incorrectly. Please let me know...

nay nay

Template submissions

We're having some... er, "issues" behind the scenes, as folks may have noticed. The template system is scheduled for a closer examination and fixes this weekend. Starting next week, we'll also have a new volunteer to handle submissions, which should make the whole process go a lot more smoothly. More details soon....

In the meantime, your template should now be approved. If anyone else has submitted recently, please be patient while we work out the kinks.


thx Doug!

Groovy - thank you for the info Doug - I appreciate it and all you and your team do!!
nay nay