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I've decided to turn my current cork board into a sort of organization hub for appointments, etc, that I can than put into my Hipster when need be. However, I don't know what else to put on it other than a calendar. This is probably going to sound stupid, but since you guys have been keeping organazied far longer than I have, I figured I'd ask here.

What else, other than a calender, would be good to put on my organazation hub?

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Nothing Yet


Don't put anything on your corkboard yet.

When you run across a thing that needs to be there, it will tell you so. There is no need to try to guess what should be there.

Having said that, I'd find a paper or thin plastic cup to stick some pens and pencils in, and attach that to your board.

The real answer to your question is this:
What do you need to keep accessible?
What will you use if it's hanging there that won't get used if it's stuffed in a drawer?
Will hanging something there prevent it from getting used?


Well, the only thing I need

Well, the only thing I need is a calander so far, I guess. I have a pencil that I really like, and I don't like using other pencils, so I don't really need a cup...

Maybe I'll go to Staples after I buy the stuff I need right now (books, etc), and see what I can find.


i have my most used telephone contact list, emergency phone #'s, Biz card for insurance agents, etc. I also hang bills due on the board (if i put them in a file on my desk, i will forget about them), mail that needs to be sent out, grocery/errand list...
does that spark inspiration?
nay any

I think I'll just put a

I think I'll just put a calender up there for now, and see if anything else needs to be put up there.