Hello all,

I couldn't find a good place to mention something I think you'll all appreciate, so I figure I may as well use the new member forum.

Hi, I'm a new member, and I'm trying to find a system that I will continue to use for more than a month or so. I've tried small cheap planners, medium-sized expensive planners, small expensive planners, medium-sized cheap planners, Day Planners, Franklin planners (before "Covey" came along), and even just writing stuff in a steno notebook. As you can tell, they were all extremely useful and I continue use them all to this day! ;)

I'm a lefty, so that plays a small role in what I like to use. I'm an engineer and manage technology projects, so I like to have something that carries more than just a calendar (i.e. meeting notes, project summaries/notes, etc.). I prefer to use skinny planners because my briefcase is made up of mostly 'full-sized' things, and a 3" thick planner doesn't fit easily...and can damage my laptop by pressing on the closed screen. No, I'm not picky at all.

Anyway, I look forward to reading more suggestions and finding the ideal planner system, thanks to all for what I've found so far. Now, on to the stuff that could be useful to all of YOU.

I'm a private pilot, and years ago I started using Jeppesen approach plates instead of the cheaper (in quality AND price) plates provided by the government. Jeppesen plates are 5.5x8.5 and are usually kept in a 7-ring binder with exactly the same hole pattern as a typical "classic" planner. This is important to all of you not only because any industry like this has 'aftermarket' goodies available, but also because years ago Jeppesen started selling software to print customized charts and sells prepunched and perforated paper! Do a Google search or just peruse pilot supply web sites, and you can find all sorts of great things for DIY planners, such as:

Et cetera. Please note, I have no affiliation to any supply web sites, so search to find others that may even be cheaper!

Best of luck and see you around,


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hello :D

Welcome aboard :D

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Welcome Gomeral and thanks for the great links - never thought of aviation sites before!!!
hope you will find the perfect planning solution through all of the great people on this site!
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