Has anyone used a Levenger Drylighter? I saw one in their catalog, and am wondering if its worth the price. I'm so tired of smeared inkjet ink when I use a standard highlighter. Help!


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8-color drylighter!

Bob, I use the Pentel PH158 8-color drylighter and I loooooove it. The leads are 2mm and make a fairly wide line. I use it for hightlighting and also sometimes just for doodling and drawing. You can buy additional lead colors, and swap them out, too. There are currently a total of 12 colors available.

I bought some leads from this ebay seller, Goldenflyfisher and the transaction was great. He's got the pencil for sale, as well.

It's so cool to have multiple colors in one pencil.

that pentel is pretty

that pentel is pretty slick!

another alternative to the levenger is the kaweco drylighter sold by swisher pens. i have not seen the levenger in person but the kaweco looks the same except for the trim, and it is a lot less expensive. i recently got one but have not used it much. so far, no smearing when i highlight.

See also Bexley Pens Multimax

I have the Multimax, which is functionally similar. I would recommend it or the Levenger. It is so convenient to just have it on your desk to grab and highlight something without worrying about opening a lid or drying out.

Non-smearing highlighters

I found two wet highlighters at Office Depot that supposedly won't smear...
Sanford® Accent® Inspire Smear Guard™ Ink Highlighters
Avery® Hi-Liter® Smearsafe™ Highlighters, Yellow
(Both of these were priced in 12 packs, but I'd imagine you can find them individually at your local office supply store.)

I also found mention of a "Sanford Accent Dry Highlight Pencil" online but only (for some reason) as a Bible accessory. (What, it won't highlight my irreverent text?!)

Does anyone have a good source for Sanford pencils online? I love their Logo mechanical pencils (and they've got a new Titanium one now), but Staples/Office Depot only carry the PaperMate versions, and I haven't found them to be as well-made.



I got my Sanford Accent Dry Pencil in the mail the other day, and I like it. It has a nice, thick retractable lead (at least 3mm, maybe 4mm). I got the green one, and it's not quite as "bright" as a highlighter, but it definitely won't bleed though the paper. And it's erasable, too.

It is labeled as a "Bible Highlighter," but I've used it on all sorts of things and haven't-- ahem, *yet*-- been struck by lightning. :)

On the side, it says:
No. 26009 Pink, No. 26010 Blue, No. 26025 Yellow, No. 26026 Green

If you're looking for a drylighter, it's *much* cheaper than the Levenger one.

Mine was $2.40 from bestpensonline.com (who screwed up my order but apologized profusely and promised to make up for it).


Dry Markers

I have a blue Sanford Accent Dry Pencil Bible Highlighter and I really life it. I found the following phone number and tomorrow I hope to order the various colors you mentioned. The number is 540-992-1273. I hope I can get them at a reasonable cost.

No-smear highlighters

It says Biblehighlighter because the pages of most Bibles are thinner than most pages of other books so if it doesn't bleed through a bible page then it won't bleed through others. It has nothing to do with spirituality. Duh!

Highlighter Tape

Also, have you seen highlighting tape? It's dispensed onto the page like the old typewriter correction tapes. Apparently they can easily be removed with an eraser. Might be worth a shot.

I think MONO was the name of one of the ones I came across online, though of course I can't find that link now. (Yes, I should have saved it and sent it to Sara. I see the error of my ways!!)

Laura :)

Highlighter Pens

Gremlins ate my earlier post on this subject... if it turns up later, sorry for the duplication.

While I was looking for drylighters yesterday, I saw that Sharpie® Accent® Grip Highlighter claims that their "Smear Guard™ ink resists smearing from inkjet printers and ballpoint pens."


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Don't Believe It

Yesterday I purchased a Sharpie Accent multi-colored pack (yellow, pink, green, orange) because of the "smear guard". Imagine my disappointment when I smeared my inkjet ink with the first use. The search continues...


Tombo Mono Highlighter Tape

I've used fountain pens exclusively for 20 years. I ran across the Tombo dry highlighter a couple of years ago at Office Max. Apparently, they no longer carry it, so I googled it and came up with this link:

Obviously there is no smearing since you are putting down dry tape and, yes, it is erasable. I recommend it highly.



I love the Levenger drylighter, but years ago they sold a wooden pencil version made by Faber-Castell. The lead is a bit smoother than their new version, but Faber-Castell discontinued the product. I stockpiled a ton of them and have enough to last me about 50 years. :)


Faber-Castell Drylighters

Hello . . I am trying to track down some of the Faber-Castell Flourescent Drylighters. Is there anywhere at all they are still available?

Google is your friend


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Levenger Sketcher on sale


Levenger has the Truewriter Sketcher on sale. It uses the same 5.6mm leads as the Drylighter does. I did some quick searching of the Internet and found that their price isn't bad compared to what some other brands are asking. In case you're interested.

True Writer Sketcher Pencil
Price: $38 Now $28 Save $10.00


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it's crap

it's crap. i bought it and had it for about 20 minutes before i decided to return it. EVERYONE I had showed it to said it was not work more than $10. so $46 plus shipping is extreme. it is basically a crayon. it works like one, it looks like one. you dont highlight with one sweep like you do with a regular one, you color, that is you go back and forth MANY MANY MANY times before you can call it a "highlight". but at that rate its not worth it. i dont recommend it to anyone. I say that as someone who loves levenger. I have purchased over $1,000 in items must of which I LOVE.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

I like it - but I didn't pay full price, either

I bought a used one over on Fountain Pen Network and I like it. Not sure I'd've spent full price for it - I have to agree there - but I do use it quite a bit. The one I have has green 'leads' not yellow, so I'm not sure if that would matter or not.

Also, I've used the Crayola Twistables for highlighting and they work quite well, though perhaps a bit more opaque than I like. The package I have has a lot of lighter colors in it ("Vibrant Variety"), so it's very useful when highlighting different passages in a printout.

Smudge free crayons :)

Crayons or soft coloured pencils work very well as highlighters and don't dry out.

Even some of the most costly artist's pencils would be a third the cost of that highlighter and would last far far longer. And they don't smudge print outs.

you'll love a drylighter

I've been using various Levenger drylighters for years. If you get one, you'll never go back to regular highlighters.

Yes I just tried them

Yes I just tried them because I loved the one they offered years ago by Faber Castell.

Big disappointment, the Levenger one smears the inkjet ink.