You people are good for me.

I finished the last of my paperwork forty-five minutes after I got to work this morning, and I had almost two hours before me with nothing to do. The discussion about neat desks has had me thinking, so I made good use of my time to clean my office desk.

You must understand that there have been random piles of paper all over my desk since my first month on the job. Nobody even tries to find anything on my desk because they fear toppling the massive stacks.

I started sorting, shredding, and filing. My desktop is now spotless. As are my desk drawers. And my mailbox. And my clipboard-organizer-thingy I keep forms and client info in.

The boss let me go home early (after the three-hour Wednesday staff meeting) because I'd done absolutely everything I could and had nothing left to do but knit a sock if she wanted me to stay. Heh.

Now if I could just apply that organizing motivation to my house...

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One of my summer projects is

One of my summer projects is to organize my desk. I've already organized my life using the Hipster PDA, so I figure I'm up for what quite possibly could be an even bigger challenge.

Baby steps!

I still need to get my home office into shape. Right now it's full of boxes I need to sort through. I'm going to try taking it one box at a time, with lots of smoke breaks in between... :)

Perhaps I was wrong...

I should modify my thread topic: "You people are good for me, but bad for my wallet." Today I ordered a Rollabind notebook, and went by Office Depot for 24# paper. The paper I took to work, where I printed out a bunch of planner forms. The forms will go in the Rolla notebook once it arrives next week...

Be very, very frightened, DentArthurDent...

According to my profile page, I have been a member for 1 week, 5 days. In that time, I have purchased:
- A Levenger Circa punch and assorted Circa accessories ($80)
- A rotary paper trimmer ($35)
- Cover stock and miscellaneous paper supplies ($20)
- Fountain pen ink ($15, including shipping)
- A dry-lighter and some new mechanical pencils ($20)
- A Dr. Grip gel ink pen (only $5!!)

And then there's the time that I've spent designing, printing, and cutting pages for my new planner...

Hmmm. If my husband reads this post, he'll probably cut off my internet access!! ;)


Some people hear voices in their heads.
Writers take dictation.

I'm right with you.

I've been coming here for four weeks, and I've bought about $130 in related stuff. And that doesn't count the $100 in stuff I'll be ordering from Amazon next week when I get my birthday gift certificates...

Afraid to add it up

I've been coming here for almost a year, so I don't want to know how much I've spent. I probably could have purchased a new PDA by now. LOL


At this rate...

...I could have hired a personal assistant to follow me around and take notes. :)


I'll do it for...

...a circa desk punch. That's it. Laura? no deal? LOL


It's lust, really

I'm going to Boston in April, and I've already made a list for when I visit the Levenger store in person, and I'm adding up to 194$, assuming I don't buy the card bleacher, or one of those really great wallets, or a bag or tote. I've been a member for a week. I've had a Hispter for a little less than a month.

I'm weak.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Vacation destinations

You've given me a great idea! I could plan our next family vacation based on cities that have a Levenger store. Hmmmm....



I think that is a swell idea! I do believe that any future vacations of mine will have a Levenger store within walking distance from my hotel!

Man, we are all nuts!!! I LOVE IT!

Last Night I...

...did what was previously unthinkable. I threw away my Franklin Covey catalog after skimming it only once. OK....maybe twice. I'm a Levenger guy now.


Look on the bright side, Bob... kicked the FC habit! :)

(And no, I'm not giving you my circa desk punch even if you follow me around and take notes. But you can have my complete collection of FC compact-sized accessories!!)


Oh great....

...the one size FC planner I've never owned!


Waiting for my Levenger catalog

I agree Bob. I am patiently waiting for my Levenger catalog to arrive. I am very excited.

What a vacation !!!

Now that's my idea of a great vacation. One that includes a Levenger store within walking distance. Wow. Sure the beach is great but that would complete the trip for me.

Good idea indeed. "It's

Good idea indeed.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Hi Tournevis

Does your hipster consist of the clip with a wad of 3x5s? I just started that for idea capturing and like it pretty well.

Circa dear

I am so circafied! I now own rollabind, circa and even Clairefontaine rings, and the punch of course. My hPDA now has three silver rings. You can see it on my Flikr account (go look in the gallery here for the link).

I actually went to Levenger TWICE today, being in Boston and all. Came out with lots and lots and lots of goodies. My D*I*Y planner is now a Circa foldover notebook in black. The leather is soooooo soft! I'm gushing! I have dividers, pockets, a stash of disks, a stash of cards... I'm a happy camper. The only thing I did not buy today is the CircaPDA notebook because I'm waiting for the grapemist colour to come out in a few weeks and I'll order that.

Other pics forthcoming.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Great fun

Hi Laura: I am sure your husband is secretly very proud of you and your organizational skills. What an innocent hobby it is, unless you go too berserk with buying and more buying. I must admit that I love new organizational gadgetry. I had a fellow worker say to me today "Tell me you weren't on that 3x5 site yesterday." Sorry I cannot tell a lie.......

Starting to wonder...

Hi I am starting to wonder if I will crave the Circa system when I see the Levenger catalog that I ordered. Can't wait. (Presently have Classic FC)

wonder no more

When you get the Levenger catalog, resistance will be futile.

There is a 99.999999999% chance you Will be assimilated!!

I've been part of the collective since 1998!!

In general....

Hi Pinky: In your opinion, what sets Levenger apart from say Franklin Covey? Thanks

Hi circac, The only real

Hi circac,
The only real planner I've used has been Day Runner. Or maybe it's Daytimer, not really sure.
With Circa, I just love being able to move pages easily without having to open and close those usually loud rings.
It can be used open but I fold it back since I'm usually holding it on my lap or in my hand. The translucent covers form a firm writing surface and it's still light weight.

And I also like it because it's different from most everyone else.