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First off, I'm new here and new to circa/rollabind. I recently grabbed a Circa portable punch to make a specialized planner for my homeschooling wife. I've yet to sufficiently back it, so I'm looking for suggestions. I've seen folks recommend the vinyl/plastic report covers. Are there other suggestions? My trick is that I live in a veritable desert, or the backside thereof, so not much picking here.

I'm also interested in the covers because I just realized that small circa discs with half-letter on horizontal would fit perfectly in my current planner binder. Right now, and for the past 3 years, I've been using Harvard Elite planner, two pages per week. I really like it, but would like the increased flexibility of circa binding. So, I'm toying with spending the rest of this year designing a new planner for next. But I would still need backing.

My thoughts on backing - thin, durable and semi-firm. My wife could use to write on it in less than suitable situations, so a solid writing surface would be handy.

Ideas? I'd be grateful to know.


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I have used the back of used up tablets before. Test the thickness with your punch to make sure it will fit in the punch. Look through all of your household stuff for discarded calendars (use the covers), notebooks (again the covers would work for you), etc. I find all kinds of stuff I would have never thought of to use...
happy hunting!
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Great idea. I'll have to dig through the house and see. I know I have some old calendars floating about - Rockwell. Would make an interesting picture.

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You could contact local print shops and check the cost out for lamination.
You could take anything then and turn it into a back cover... like a 2007 calendar or a picture :D
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There's one where I work...

And I've thought about that. Now I have the book for my wife backed with a red pendaflex folder, folded up to make inside pockets. I kinda like that and may keep the idea.

With the subject of lamination, would you say laminate before folding, or after and cut a slit for the pocket?

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o :/

I must admit that I don't know what a 'pendaflex' folder is and ... I'm not quite sure about cutting after laminating anything... sorry >.<
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Those hanging file folders, usually an odd shade of green, but available for the color-friendly.

I'll investigate with friends in the print shop about the lamination process.

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Leather Covers

A couple of covers I made up to try out today. The orange one is a cut up notebook from rollabind.

Image One
Image Two
Image Three


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Homemade Circa Covers

Welcome to the world of Circa and Rolla. There's no turning back! :-D

I use poly file folders cut at the fold and punched in a Circa portable punch. They are flexible (much thinner than the Circa covers) but can be used as a backing to write on. The covers never wear out and the tabs come in handy for labeling. And you can buy them in bulk.

For a planner calendar, I punch a Dayrunner PRO8 Tabbed Monthly Calendar.


Tabbed Cal?

This one?

Thanks for the input,
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I have 3 words for you: Poly Card Guides !!


These are medium thick plastic, a bit too thick for dividers between cards, but they make great covers. Punch out your smurfs and then trim it to size. For 3x5 pages, I usually make it 5.25 by 3.5 or so. That gives me room to clip my Pilot G2 mini next to the pages, protected by the cover.

I have pictures coming.
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