Hi. I've found your site when I was looking for info on GTD - I "think" I'm going to try it out as I need something to help me keep track of everything.

I used to have a classic sized day-timer (I think) planner at my old job 7 years ago, but when I took my current job, I switched to a Palm organizer, but I don't fully enter work items on it. And that seems to be catching up to me at both work and home. So I'm looking to maybe go back to analog - and use one system for work and home... still unsure on that. I think if I do - I may still keep the Plam Addresses and calander items up to date - it's handy to be able to search rapidly. I've never really used it for tasks or such - and that's probably my problem. I'm also a procastinator and piler - both of which drive my wife crazy.

So, I'm going to give it a whirl... and if it sticks, maybe get some nice stuff then :) I did see someone has a planner with a pocket for a pda/ipod built in. :)

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