Good site to back up data? Especially iTunes music?

I've been trying to figure out a good site, or a good way of backing up my data that I have on my computer. I know I'd be lost without my precious music for my iPod, so I was wondering if anyone has any good ideas on this?

Or for that matter, should I just use floppys, or maybe blank CDs?

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Backing up iPods...

I'd use CDs. For one thing, if you burn the songs you've purchased to a CD, you can import them back into iTunes (or any other music player) without running into issues with the copy protection or the iTunes proprietary file format. Floppies would take days!

If most of your songs are from CDs that you already own, you don't need to back them up again.

Also, prices have really dropped on thumb drives and external hard drives, so those are good options for backing up data on your hard drive.


iTunes Backup Tips

Being an iPodder myself with a HUGE library of music, audiobooks, and videos, I can direct you to the approipriate links.

How to back up your media in iTunes
How to backup and restore playlists in iTunes
How to recreate your iTunes Library

In a nutshell: Invest in a large stack of CD-R's or DVD-R's and backup your iTunes. I wish I had a dime for every post on Apple Discussions to the tune of "My hard drive crashed and I have lost all my tunes"

Me, I tend to burn CD/DVD media by collecting stuff by theme or subject or whatever -- like all my Christmas tunes, etc.

Good luck. Holler if you need more info.
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This is going to sound really stupid...

But is there any particular format, other than CD-R's that I need to buy?

I'm not knowledgeable when it comes to burning discs...

How big ?

is your iTunes library ? And do you have a CD burner and/or a DVD burner ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


The New York Times had a good article about online backup sites in January. One of the sites was Mozy, which gives you 2Gb for free, and unlimited Gb for $55 per year. Try

It's a podcast, too

Unfortunately, this article is probably, like most NYT articles, now a pay-only article. However, you can subscribe to David Pogue's video podcast on iTunes, and download his rather silly podcast about online backup solutions. While most of it is a rather sendu-up on YouTube, you can learn about what sites he is talking about at least. Do a search on the podcast directory for David Pogue or Dave Pogue.


might help someone...

I stumbled onto an article that related to this thread...

HERE Hope it helps someone. :)

another one:

my artwork

if you are looking for a site for storage

This is not an advertisment for gmail (even though after re-reading it, it does kind of sound like one).

If you have the time, why not use gmail for storage? As of right now, you get 2823 MB of storage. You can sign up for it now without having to get an invitation. You can use a little program called GMail Drive if you want or just email the files to yourself. Gmail will also play mp3s so you could access your music collect from pretty much anywhere.

I store all sorts of files with it.