I love this site! I am a big fan of paper planners and index cards. However, I am constantly overwhelmed by the alphabet soup lingo of all the techie stuff. I am also surprised by the lack of recognition to the female roots of these systems. For example, in 1997 I discovered the Sidetracked Home Executives ( who developed an extensive card file system which they later adapted to a paper planner. At that time, their system was 20 years old. They had more than 43 tab dividers and their book "The Happiness File" was Nirvana.
I've done a lot of research to try to figure out where they got their ideas. I also have extensive webpage printouts from a Gladys Allen with a system about getting things done. I do want to share a few sites to return the favors I have found here. For example, and are both excellent. I mostly use my planner for capturing ideas and making notes as I design curriculum for the various classes I teach (everything from crochet to computers) and don't need a lot of forms but love to read about these ideas and how to become more organized. Keep up the good work!

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Still Here?

Hey, Tildy, are you still around? Can you tell me more about this Gladys Allen? I've never heard of her, and information about her on Google seems to be rather scarce.

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><