3x5 Mead Spiral Notebook

I unspiral a Mead 3x5 and use the paper as filler between two plastic Accohide covers all bound up with sail makers thread. I have a section of laminated pages in the back I carry over to each new book that has printed ("MS-Word" 8) important info, quotes, conversions, calendars, etc., and return the filled-in pages to their original carboard covers and spiral for future reference. I use the thread for binding since it does not interfere with my hand when writing as does the metal spiral. I'm looking for a binding system that allows for simplified page replacement as in a loose leaf but without the interference from the rings. I'm thinking of using three loops of ball chain (light pull chain) to best fit the bill. Any suuggestions would be appreciated.

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this sounds like a pretty cool system! can you take a picture of your notebook for us? I am as well always looking for better binding ideas... they all seem to involve a coil, ring, disc, or something that gets in the way. so, i guess i do not have anything new to share about that, but i am sure someone else here will!


I need pictures! :)

I'd like to see pictures, too!

I'd like to see pictures, too!

I don't have any good ideas for your binding, sorry. The ball chain idea sounds intriguing. Let us know how that works.

If the rings get in your way, why not bind your planner from the top, rather than the side? Or if you're a leftie, reverse the pages and write on the back side of the pages first, with the rings to the right. Or you could just use one ring, in the upper corner on one side.

Circa/rollabind makes it easy to move pages around, and you can make your notebook any shape/size you want. If you use the smallest size you can get away with, and flip the notebook completely around so that the page you want is on top, with all the others beneath it, the top of the paper would be close to the top of the rings, so the rings might not get in the way as much.

If you're not familiar with C/R, there's more information elsewhere on this site:

Good luck!


Accohide and Sailmakers Thread 3x5er

Will take a picture..not much to see but the reference info sure is handy. I call it my Alzhiemer's Defense System. Makes an average joker look downright intelligent especially when one can sneak a peek without getting caught!! When the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) wipes out the electronics it will be up to the ink and paper crowd to lead the yuppies back out of the stone age!!