My Valentine:

It was a chance meeting; a case of the right place at the right time. I was sitting at my desk at work, not looking for love, when I meandered my way into its richly informative pages. There was instantaneous chemistry. I was looking for information and it responded to my every whim. I was love-struck from the first day, just two weeks ago.

Imagine my surprise to hear that may be one of the sites that is commonly “taken for granted.” If you are one of the site’s frequent visitors, you may know much of what is coming. Perhaps this SpotLink will rekindle your relationship. If you have never visited or searched the site in depth, the following may be enough to spark a new love affair. (Don’t worry; I’m not the jealous type).

“Computers make us more productive. Yeah, right. Lifehacker recommends the software downloads and web sites that actually save time. Don’t live to geek, geek to live.” ~Quote from

That statement alone ignited my initial interest. I often find the Internet to be a huge labyrinth with pitfalls and oubliettes ready to snare us in a web of time consuming, useless blabber. Any website that can actually save time and energy is a diamond in the proverbial rough. has daily updates to keep the frequent visitors returning. New tips, tricks, and tools are organized well and make up the front page. Today’s highlights range from “Shorten Your Search Time with Cross Engine” to “Video Demonstration Tricks for Loosening Jar Lids” to “Essential Monthly Gardening Tasks”. As you can tell from that smorgasbord, the topics are diverse and cross over to many aspects of daily life, not just life in front of the monitor.

The PC vs Mac division in the world is evident on some websites. has taken a non-biased stance and provides time saving tips for both platforms. The distribution between PC and Mac related tools is very even.

I suppose my favorite feature on is the internal search engine. Access to the archives is priceless for new users. It also allows for quick recall of a story that may not have had relevance at the time of reading, but now is needed. Even if you cannot bring yourself to incorporate into your daily Internet regiment, please consider utilizing the search feature to assist you in the future.

Search results are offered by date or relevance. During my research for this SpotLink I was overjoyed to see that our beloved was representing strongly over in Lifehacker land. “Geek to Live: Top 10 Free and Cheap Productivity Tools” has our home-away-from-home listed at number six.

I was tempted to avoid Lifehacker.comas a featured SpotLink because of its popularity. Clearly many people have already discovered its abundance of useful information. But then I thought of my delight two weeks ago. is now a member of my arsenal. I rely on it to save me time and energy when researching a new idea or an old problem. How could I deny someone the possibility of discovering a new love on the web? ♥

Got a tip on a new and fresh productivity tip that you'd love to share with the rest of us? Remember to tag it over at with the tag, "diyplanner". Your suggestion, along with the others, will show up at: Help make our link pool grow and keep me in link heaven! Thank you!

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thanks Sara, I'm adding the lifehacker site too to my bloglines now. :-)


welcome to the lifehacker-addicts club :D
my artwork


Wow, that site is awesome! I'm adding it to my bookmarks. :)

the irony of lifehacker

I remember when I first found lifehacker. I spent *HOURS* reading thru all the posts. The irony of it: wasting hours reading about productivity. Too bad it is blocked at work because it has "hacker" in the name so the filter has it blocked as a hacking site :-(



Anyone read the lifehacker book yet? Is it even out?


i have the book


I have the Lifehacker book. It's very pretty and is sitting on my shelf. I haven't had the time to read it yet but I did gleam through it and it LOOKED chock full of good tips.

I'll give an more indepth review after I read it.

You can order it from

laundry kata

I would like to thank lifehacker for teaching me what Martha Stewart couldn't. In my search for a little more zen in our lives, I did a search and came across this link:

I was so impressed with myself. So is my two year old. "Momma make another square!"