I finally found the perfect tabs for my personal planners!!

I am sure that I am not the first person to find these, but everyone on here probably could find a use for some...

I may be late to the party, but I finally happened onto the Post-It brand "durable" plastic tabs the other day in Wal-Mart...

You may see them here
They were selling a 4 color pack (red,green,blue,yellow) with 25of each in a dispenser for $2.43US which seemed reasonable to me considering I payed almost 6 bucks for a set of DayRunner brand a-z telephone tabs that are affixed to standard weight pages...

These are great, you can move them around, and they don't tear the pages when you pull them off. The only thing that would make them better would be if they came in a letter size sheet with a peel away backing to allow ink jet or laser (might be a heat issue with the adhesive they use) printing, but standard roller ball pens seam to work well on them or a fine point sharpie.
I have already bought a 2nd pack to use in my gradebook and texts for the college class I'm teaching!

Since I never have outlined my kit before on the forum, Here it is:

Classic Size planner -- Blue Sky Telephone Address book 1" w/ magnetic closure (Office Depot) [Looks identical to their letter
size planner I keep on my desk like a blotter, but 1/2 size and not as thick as the normal Dayrunner and FC planner covers)
I chunked the origonal pages (low quality), and used this site to print wonderful replacements :)

I keep 3 months of data in that notebook for everyday, and I store extra forms in a standard 3 ring classic size binder (5 bucks from Office Depot) which keeps me from overstuffing my planner which I like to stay lightweight. These guys have great products for the $$, but they have almost no web site as they
mainly manufacture for retailers and don't sell direct. Kinko's often has their products on 50% clearance sale at the ends of each quarter...as they always seem to overstock.

BUXTON Leather Index Card Holder -- Very similar to the Levenger pocket briefcase, but about 1/3 the price @ $9.99US (Staples) and I would not be without it ever...It has become indispensable to my routine ever since I found the Hipster templates along with my mead card case for extra cards.

I also tried out the Buxton 3x5 "organizer" but I tossed the cheesy tabs inside and post it notes and converted it into my Hipster PDA as the other one ends up being a shirt pocket notetaker most of the time... so I use both. I keep a month of data in here on a preprinted stack of cards along with a cheap
(33 cent) 3x5 reporter style spiral bound notebook that I change each month with the cards so my calender cards and associated notes don't get separated...

Once per quarter I run all my 3x5 cards thru the copier at work (glue them to a sheet of legal size paper with a glue stick bc the ADF won't feed index cards due to the small size though they feed fine glued to a backer sheet so long as you don't opt to scan in duplex mode...but that's only on this copier, yours might jam due to thickness of stock if the paper path is not straight through.), our copier can "scan to pdf" at 600dpi faster than I ever thought possible though not in color :( I began doing this after the first 3 months as I could see the cards piling up
in my desk where I stacked them paper clipped in bundles... This way, I end up with a hi-res pdf image that I can book mark and comment on but still have the handwritten notes and not a transcribed copy. I burn these files to a CD-ROM each year and file it away though the spiral notebooks are still an
issue... I never tear out pages ( an old habit learned in the lab) so scanning is too slow, so I save them in a fancy shoe box (expensive index card storage box) for now:(

At the end of the year, I shred all of the cards after I have them backed up in two places (CD and my weekly backups to HDD + I upload the files as a compressed tarball to my off site web server,in case I had a fire or something,since they provide 100GB of storage that I'll never fill up before they increase it more!

BTW, I do the same thing to my planner pages each year rather than file them on a shelf in high dollar FC binders like I used to do... I forgot to mention that I use Acrobat to go in and split the file into small chunk files of a week worth of pages each that are sorted into 4 quarterly folders and all compressed into an archive labeled by year and planner size. Also, I have it apply a custom date stamp to the header of each page to make the pages searchable by date I wrote them, that way I'm not scrolling around to find a not I wrote last year... I might be able to have used OCR on them if my handwriting did not need so much improvement...but this works great and is quick.

The entire process of scanning and running the batch jobs on the original large file + proofing prior to archive takes me about 2-3 hours on a Friday afternoon 1 time per quarter to archive 3 months of planner pages + 3-400 3x5 cards (single sided as I never write on the back of my cards) and after optimization by Acrobat and compression the entire year is only a few MB in size, I could probably email it as an attachment to most folks mail accounts without much trouble of server rejection.

For the hipster crowd, also check out the MEAD 3x5 canvas lined 100 count index card holder and the MEAD 50 card plastic pocket pouch, both are great for card/form storage and i have/do use both in different places... The plastic model would make a nearly waterproof (though not submersible) but kinda thin hipster if you had such a need...you could print your forms on both sides as I do with my monthly pack that I use (the only time I go duplex on 3x5 cards and only to keep the HPDA thin, cause I have to photocopy them when I scan them to get both sides, but they only amount to 15 cards/month so its no big deal since the copier scans double letter size so it's only like 2 passes to get 1 month...

As for a pen, My HPDA contains my old faithful Fisher "bullet" space pen... which I have always loved since I got it years ago.

As a primary writing instrument I carry two items...

A pentel "Client" ballpoint pen, which I love for its low cost (2.50US) and its comfortable feel. I never buy pentel ink refills, but rather buy the fisher pressurized refills for parker style pens as they work much better and use the same ink as my other fisher pen.

A MARS 780-C 2mm Leadholder, which I have used since high-school in leau of regular pencils for convenience and to prevent pocket punctures... I have tried several dozen mechanical units, but keep reverting back to the old standby due to its durability. I have a heavy hand pressure when I write and therefore break lead often if its not .9mm or thicker... I use HB 2mm refills as softer lead tends to smudge... (If you buy a leadholder, watch out for the "NEW" cheaper MARS units marked 980c, they are made in China rather than Germany, and the one last I bought at Staples was poorly built. It had a rough action and noisy spring inside... I returned it and bought a German model elsewhere... The cheap units are sold in "Value" packs that give you a holder + lead + an eraser for $1 more than just a pack of lead alone. But... you get what you pay for :) I also found that the lead was very brittle (it appeared to not be die extruded but rather cast in a mold) as it was without the characteristic ridges that Staedler lead has always had... Just steer clear of suspiscally great deals, expect to pay about 5-8 bucks for the pencil + the same for a 12 pack of lead sticks... These value packs do not even appear in the MARS pdf main product catalog...Hmm

I normally carry in addition to the above, a dual tip (Regular/Ultra-fine) sharpie laundry marker and a couple of mini-sharpie markers and highlighters with detachable keyring for my ID lanyard I wear at work.

My latest addition in pens is the Sharpie Pigment based liquid highlighters... I love them, but no mini version yet :( but boy do they pop! love that pigment based color! Kinda expensive though, I want to try the office depot knock-off brand but they don't claim the ink is a pigment base on the package so I hate to chance it since to save money you need to grab the 72-pak value bundle !

I have collected many odds and ends that I have in my briefcase and one day I plan to take a picture of it all to post on the forum, but for now I'm done :)

Any comments or automation tips to help me better organize are greatly appreciated... and please keep up all the awesome work on these great templates...I can't tell you how much they have helped my organization vs. the Palm PDA i used to carry(but not always use)!! Great work everyone!!!


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Sorry, forgot to log in so it got posted as anonymous... hehe My bad..


nice :P

It sounds like your system is perfect for your needs :)

I wonder if Office Depot still sells those "Buxton" items... I didn't find any on their website. How long ago did you purchase yours?
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Office Depot

I wish there was an Office Depot near me...

All we have is a Staples.

Staples carries Buxton


The Staples near me carries Buxton stuff. Look in the 'business card holder' and 'folio' section, back near the laptop cases and planners, but not "with" the planners.



you are in the reverse situation from myself... no staples, just office max and depot.
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Buxton Items

I got the Buxton items form Staples, though they have an online store about to be launched at www.buxtondopp.com

I got the blue star items at office depot and have since seen them on deep discount at several Kinko's locations in Indiana...

I really need to get my kit together all in one place for a picture, but have not had time.


Printable Tabs

Hey, I picked these up the other day at Staples:
Avery Printable Repositionable Plastic Tabs, 1-1/4 x 1, 96 Tabs/Pack, White

They come in 1.25" and 1.75" widths and are available in white and colors. They claim to be repositionable for a while, then they become permanent.


Printable Tabs...

That's pretty neat... I might have to run to Staples when they lift the level three (only emergency vehicles permited on roads) snow advisery later today...
We have managed to get drifts of 4 1/2 feet in our back yard in the past 12 hours where we previously had almost nothing... We got 12 inches of snow just last night here in Fort Wayne...
maybe since I'm socked it today, I can try to take a picture of my kit to post to the forum... I'll have to see if I can find the camera...


blue sky phonebook

hi, I love my blue sky telephone booktoo, same size as you carry, and I esp loved the notepad that came bound with two pocket pages at the front. I can't find a refill at o'depot, staples or o'max this year. Do you know where I can find this product?