Introducing the Macawber Breast Pocket PDA

I have often blogged about my adventures with the Hipster PDA. The free association that I have at these times indulged in has led me to Wilkins Macawber -- a character in Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield whose standard reprise was: "Once heard, my dear Copperfield, make a note of."

Wise words. Words, I'm sure, we DIYers treat with immense respect.

Today in memory of that great man of fiction, I launch The Macawber.

The Breast Pocket Macawber PDA [Pictured]

Yes , The Macawber[TM] -- the Ultimate Personal Digital Assistant which isn't digital! So there's NO batteries and NO crashes. A device driven solely and effortlessly by pen or pencil ...and your precious imagination! Don't forget that my dear DIYers: the awesome power of a noggin that notes. The Macawber [TM]comes complete with the patronage of W. C.Fields Esquire, juggler, comic persona and cinema actor (who first bought Mr Macawber to the big screen).

[An image of Mr Fields dressed as Wilkins Macawber adorns its cover.]

But still there's more....!

You will receive at no extra cost -- but only if you ring now -- the Wilkins Macawber Joey Pouch[TM] and sweat sleeve which will make your breast pocket as homely and as safe as a kangaroo's pouch.

So when out and about don't be slow on the uptake, don't let an opportunity to take note pass you buy, don't be be as lifeless as a dead dingo -- Seize the day! Take note! Write it down! Macawberize your thoughts with The Macawber[TM] PDA and the Wilkins Macawber Joey Pouch[TM].

[Pens not supplied.]

Source:Life of Riley

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I like the pouch

Looks like bubble-wrap and electrical tape.
Did I guess correctly ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Electric tape, yes. But the

Electric tape, yes. But the plastic is a touch firmer than bubble wrap. We use it at home to line kitchen drawers. Besides it's not about form but content. And the Macawber is all about style...

While this is a joke exercise, I guess whatever real time utility is involved relies on the fact that the plastic pocket comes up short and its rim sits below the beginning of the PDA binder ring. And the plastic sleeve was employed in the first place because of summer sweat drenching the index cards. Because the plastic (merely folded and taped) is a touch firm it puckers upwards so it functions like a scabbard --almost as though the breast pocket has a plastic lining.

But it's a joke right -- that happens to work.


Nice looking pen... what kind is it?
my artwork

Looks like a...

Uniball Jetstream...

says the office supply salesman.



how on earth do you prevent spending all your earnings where you work? I would be soooooooooo in trouble. ♥
my artwork

Supreme Willpower

OK, not really. I spend plenty I shoudn't. Mercifully I have no access to a Levenger/Rollabind discount. I checked to see if I could get Rolla at wholesale, believe me!

I did get my FC classic punch, lots of pens, paper, planners, etc. though.

I enjoy the benefits I can!