RSS and Aggregators...

I'm a newbie when it comes to RSS. I did a little research and I now at least know what RSS is and what it can be used for...

I really think this would be a great way to streamline my daily internet regiment. Instead of bouncing from website to website, RSS offers me a central collection of new info. That's correct, right? (lol... told you I'm a newbie).

What aggregator do you use? Would you recommend it to a newbie?

As always, your help is greatly appreciated. ♥

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Hi Sara.
I use bloglines. It's a web-based viewer that allows me to view my RSS feeds whereever I am. It's a really good service and pretty well documented to boot.
You can see my list of RSS feeds here.

If you use LiveJournal (cf.

If you use LiveJournal (cf. blogging thread), you can read your RSS feeds through their site.


Hi Sara. I think you were there when I posted a brief expose on this thread.

I use my google home page for my rss feeds rather than a client-based program. It doesn't have the feature set that I would find on some of the more advanced programs, but I can access it from home or from work (or anywhere else, if I wanted to).

Google homepage


I've been warned away from Google by some security-minded friends. Google apparently archives everything forever, and have no problems with turning stuff over to the government if they're requested to do so.

Now, I've never even shoplifted, much less done anything illegal online, but I'm a privacy nut anyway. So no Google for me.

Secret stuff (rss)

Some poor fool will get an eye full of DIY, CNET, Slashdot, and earthquake watch feeds if they audit my google home page.



It's the principle of the thing, not my actual content. :)

Privacy? HA!

If "they" want to see what you're looking at, they will I guess. I use Google Reader, too, because it sits nicely on my Google desktop along with my Gmail, most common favorites from my acct, and other stuff best kept close at hand. I decided not to lose too much sleep over privacy issues. Just use common sense.


google reader

I've tried a few RSS feeds, including Bloglines. But I settled on using Google Reader to corral all my favorite sites with RSS feeds (even a few frequently posting LJ sites). I had issues with Bloglines and the clunkyness of their interface for me.

And seeing that i already had Google up for mail, online doc writing, chat and group work it seemed natural that I use their feeder. I love how i can star posts that i love and want to save to print out or re-read later. And it allows me to categoritize all my various feeds into tags so I can read sections at a time. I even have DIY on there; even though i still visit the site.

It's been the best reader for me. I have friends who use LJ to view RSS feeds and for me, i get so many posts that i'd hate to flood my friends page with them.

hope this helps,

RSS readers

I've used a couple RSS readers. For web based: google reader seems to work well, not sure about security issues. One of my buddies wrote one called feedhugger, not sure if it is still up.

On the Mac, Newsfire works really well. If you want to stick with free programs, there's Vienna on the Mac (which I'm currently using) and also RSS Owl (which is Java based).


Mac ? What about Safari ?

Do any of these RSS readers do anything more than Safari 2 does ? That's what I use on my machine running 10.4.x
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not sure


Good question. I'm not sure. I'm a firefox user on my mac and pc these days and use google and to keep things between home and work wrangled and managed.

If I were you, I'd go to the agregators' sites and see what they do better that safari doesn't do.



Hi Sara.
I use Bloglines to read my RSS feeds.
To see what I'm subscribed to - you can visit my Public roll.


Thanks for all the great responses... having an online RSS reader is great since I spend some time on the computer at work doing personal stuff... (Not lately tho, boss goes on vacation and we're swamped >.<) I did some clicking last night and I'm giving Newsgator a try. The format seemed to be the 'lightest' and easiest for me to quickly setup before bed. I might regret my 'simple' decision but... for now I'll give it a go.

I'm finally in the RSS club~!
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