Free Blog sites?

Another question this morning...

Where do you blog and... would you recommend that 'host' to others?

I've been thinking about starting a Blog to keep track of my DIY projects, tutorials and other stuff that might interest someone out there in cyberspace. As usual, free is best but... I might splurge onto a paid place if I get enough 'traffic'.

Thanks in advance.

PS. Post a link to your blog, I would love to check it out ~! ♥

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wordpress is good

Hi, I use wordpress for my blog. I started it to share my drawings since I joined the everyday matters yahoo group and started to learn to draw. It works well and it is easy to use. It gives the option to write your posts directly in html, and I do this mostly, but you can also use an editor. I have heard quite negative things about blogger, but have not tried it myself. I hope this helps.
my blog:


I use Xanga.

Oh, and it's free. However, you can pay for it, if you want more features.


I'm a LiveJournal junkie. My favorite thing about their system is that you can have different security settings for each post. I have public posts, and then I have friends-only posts, and I have posts only very close friends can read. I have posts only my husband can see, and of course I have private posts that nobody can see but me.

LJ also allows tagging, which rocks, and you can do just about anything with your journal's look and feel.

The basic free accounts have all these features. You get even more if you upgrade to a paid account. I've been on LJ since 2001, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

I'm on LJ too, since 2003.

I'm on LJ too, since 2003. It's not blogging in the most classical sense. It is really about networked journaling and online community. That's what I like about it. The connections. I can keep in touch with my friends more easily that with chating or IMing in fact. You can look for me here if you are at all interested:

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Moveable Type/LJ

I have a combination of journals run on Moveable Type on my domain. For me, it was a hard decision, but I had to go with MT because it allows a install once, post to ANY journal interface and I hated the idea of multiple installs of different journaling areas each with it's own login. I love the 3.x interface and my journals are clean and fast. Some people may quickly be overwhelmed by it and it DOES take awhile to install but once you get it installed, it's a breeze. I've even found a great tutorial site that explains how to mod the sites to act as their own stand alone web sites.

I have way too many friends who use LiveJournal so I also have LiveJournal account as well. Mostly I use the system to keep in touch with them and post the occasional MeMe.

I also have been toying with a MediaWiki on my domain as well. I'm not sure how feasible it'd be for a journal, but it's good for mind dumping your encyclopediac knowledge into a site.

Hope this helps,
innowen on LJ

marry a webmaster


DH is a web designer, so I piggyback on his stuff. He's got a domain, so I get an address there. He's got a server, so I get some space there. He put up phpNuke for me so I can do my own thing.

Can't really recommend DH to anyone else because it wouldn't be free, but if you marry your own web designer, you too can get free blog sites. :)


I've always wanted my own

I've always wanted my own website, but then I realized I didn't really have anything to put on it other than a blog. So I went with a blogging site.

Still, it'd be nice to own a domain someday...

i did :)


i DID marry a programmer. And yes, he DID install Moveable Type within a few minutes for me. He's got his own domain and seeing that our interests are different... it works out perfect.

He's currently coding me a few webish apps (with use of thumbnail drive) that i can use to further my interests. of course, there's so much i need to do on my websites *sigh*.


eh, sorry

Erp, sorry, innowen.

I meant that reply to go against the original post, not you specifically. You sounded like you had it all covered. :)

I know what you mean about needing to catch up on web stuff. I'm waaaaay behind on photo-posting and article posting on mine. *sigh*


no worries


no worries. sometimes it's hard to know who you're posting to directly on forums.

oh yeah... image galleries are the bane of my web life. so many photos that need to be posted... and no easy way to get them all on my domain. i need to get my hubby to install a photogallery that works. I had a plugin for MT, but pulled it out because i really need something that allows for batch uploading. etc.

i'm currently debating on using gallery2 or a script my hubby wrote. but if i use his... i need him to add some things to it. hmm, maybe i'll see if he's willing to mod it to my needs.




DH uses gallery2 for one or two of his things. I've got gallery on my blog. Even for just gallery, there's a bulk upload tool for stuffing up a bunch at once. I've been happy with it, though of course it takes some finesse to get it all working the first time.

DH says he'd definitely recommend gallery2.


thanks shris, good to know

thanks shris,

good to know there's a bulk as i have TONS of images to post. I'm hosting with dreamhost and they give me a one click install but... i need to get the hubby to help me tinker with the domain to get it right.

and then, yeah... guess i know who to go to for help once it's up and running. :)



I've been a happy DreamHost customer since 1999. I don't use a photo gallery on my domain, though. I use LiveJournal's.

I used to have a blog and photo album on a personal site I ran, but nobody ever came to it because practically everyone I know is on LJ. Even with an RSS feed and LJ syndication, I never received comments or feedback. So I gave up. I still use my domain for my organizing software (I love Horde!) and email and such, but for blogging I stick with LJ.

i've been with them for 6 or

i've been with them for 6 or 7 years now and also very happy. I wanted to have my own journals on my own domain so that's why I got it. I didn't want to pay for other services when i had all that space on my domain.

i don't mind that people don't hit it... as often as i want. it's my space and i can do whatever i want. :)

which is why i don't post on LJ as much. but it's fun to hear how people view their own domains and web time. its so unique and personal.