there is even some planning in germany going on...

greetings everybody!
i hope you can understand me since i don't use my english skills every day. i don't remember how i discovered it must have happened when reading boingboing. maybe it was via 43folders. the only thing i still remember is that i'm happy this site exists. :-)
i made an experiment with a hipsterPDA. what i did learn from this was that i REALLY need a printer that can print on a whole page up to the edge without any borders. second point is that a hipster is a great idea for collecting things (*cough*gtd*cough*) but not for planning since it is limited in size and order. last point is that it doesn't look as professional as i need it to. that's only for me of course.
while reading doug's introduction to the circa system i decided to give it a try. now here comes my problem: where can i get the levenger circa system in germany? it's a pity they don't have notebooks in european sizes. i think i can handle this but only if i have one. ;-)
suggestions for a source would be appreciated.

greetings again


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Ve gates, mine friend! Your

Ve gates, mine friend! Your English is excellent and welcome to the board. I can't answer specifically but you'll find lots of knowledgable and friendly folks here.

Bezugsquelle Circa

Hello/Hallo Bernhard,

schön, daß ich offensichtlich nicht der einzige Deutsche hier bin (I´m lucky not 2 be the only Kraut here ;-)

Das was Du suchst findest Du bei - die haben wirklich schöne Sachen und auch hochwertige Moleskine-Alternativen.

Grüße aus Berlin / Greetings from Berlin


They seen to have everything

They seen to have everything by Atoma on that site. That's great!

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Circa vs. Atoma

Hallo Erol,
schön einen Landsmann zu treffen. Manufactum ist mir durchaus ein Begriff. Atoma wäre eine Alternative, wenn da nicht der recht hohe Preis wäre. Ich schreibe recht viel und bei dem Preis kann ich mir die Nachfüllpackungen nicht leisten.
Da bleibt dann nur die Alternative nach der dieses ganze Forum ausgerichtet ist: do it yourself. ;-)

Grüße aus der Nähe von Frankfurt am Main