3-ring binder to Circa

I'm looking at converting from a binder to Rollabind. I'm worried about punching smurfs into my 3-hole monthly calendar and other 3-hole punched pages. Will it work okay? Should I tape over the 3 holes or anything?

Thanks for any ideas...

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Eh, tape it.


I've got a standard 3-hole punched page that I just stuck into my Rolla punch. The smurfs don't overlap, but they're close in the middle, particularly. If your pages are punched more shallowly, they might overlap.

You'd be better off taping the holes of any pages you're concerned about. But if you're using all 11 rings on a standard letter sized paper, the overlap isn't going to hurt the ability of the paper to stay in your planner--there are still 8 other smurfs that won't be affected. That's plenty to hold the paper.


What about going from Circa to 3-hole?

I've been searching high and low for a 3-hole punch that does the same type of "smurf" holes as the Circa/Rollabind punches. I use a letter-sized binder (I need to be able to file away documents and contracts from clients, so letter size is my best option), but I'm desperate for some way to create my own slide-in pages. I have printed pages I want to be able to move from one section to another quickly, and also want to make my own page-markers to also slide in and out. But either I am totally searching using the wrong keywords, or no such hole punches are available. The only things I can find are the rollabind and circa punches. What I don't know is if letter sized pages, punched with one of these, would go into a 3-ring binder? Anyone know?

Alternately, anyone have ANY clue on how to find a 3-hole punch that does open-sided holes? What would they be called, maybe? I've just had absolutely no luck finding such a thing.

Lastly, and totally off subject, I tried to register for the forum, but never got any email with a password in it. I can't find any contact info for the site for support or pleas for help, and can't start a new subject in the appropriate forum unless I can log in. Help! :-)

I haven't tried...

but you might try simply snipping from the hole to the edge of the paper, and see if that works. Without the ring, I would think that this would work ok. I seem to recall that somebody (judyinthe woods?) tried this with some success...


Snipping does work, and you

Snipping does work, and you don't have to be too acurate if you don't use disks, because the slit is only there to quickly push the pages in, or retrieve them. Slightly off-centre is probably even better, as it would be a bit more secure on the ring - if you think of the ring as the bow of a ship pushing through the water of the paper. On three holes the snips are quickly done.


Sorry, Judy. I think that's the _second_ time I've called you JudyINthewoods, instead of JudyOFthewoods! I second-guess myself! If I would just go with what I first typed! ;-)


P.S. check your email. I've just dropped you a line. ;-)

Not so wrong, Jon, I'm IN

Not so wrong, Jon, I'm IN the woods, really.

PS about snipping, if you are not using discs, there is no need to cut out a notch, one snip to split works well, and is a bit more secure anyway, as the shape of the hole and ring is not as secure as the flat edged smurf.

DIY Circa / Rolla Punching

Give it a try.. can't hurt :)


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I did find this earlier...

And this will work for simple pages that need to be moved a few times. But for divider/markers that I'd like to move around repeatedly, I'd love to find a punch so that the holes are clean and would last a bit longer. Maybe I can laminate these, overrunning the laminate, and then punch that area. (I'll be using various and sundry thing for this purpose, from Sunday comics to photos.) I've also thought of using some sort of plastic that I could use the erasable pens with, and just keeping project to-do items on the divider for that section.

Or, another thought, a slightly oversized but sturdy "page" that has slotted holes for moving around, and then cut diagonal slots near the corners that I can slide the corners of a paper into. Then I've got the ability to swap out pages easily in and out of the holder page, but it still can be moved around. That actually could be quite handy, but I need to find pages that are about 9.5 x 12, or 10 x 12 if I need enough room to punch holes.

And still haven't received registration info...hehe. The forum software says I'm registered (can't use the same name I used when registering to post without logging in), and filling out the forgot-password form says it is sending a reset password to me, but no mail received. I even white-listed the domain, but nada.

I use clear packing tape to

I use clear packing tape to reinforce page markers, dividers and my zip pouches... seems to do the trick. For three hole punching, just one slit from edge of paper to the hoel should be more than enough to help with the portability. And the packing tape should add a little thickness without becoming overly bulky.

I have some clear report covers that I use for dry erase lists... just put two together to keep them from erasing by mistake... the static keeps them together quite nicely. ;)

I sent a notice to the "crew" here at DIYPlanner... Things should get sorted out soon for your :)

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Thanks Sara!

I appreciate you contacting someone. I'd have done so, but I can't seem to find any contact info on the site. *G*

I did find, at some supply store recently, page protector sleeves with quick-remove slotted holes. This would be useful in more than one way. Now I just need to remember where I saw them. I have a vague thought about cutting one side of the protector out leaving a slim "frame" in place, and using that to slip a loose page into. This should, I think, be enough to hold a page in place in a notebook that doesn't get tossed around too much and zips closed when on-the-move.

I could even cut these down to use as slim page markers, if I could think of a clean/tidy way of closing up the open edge. I don't want to use tape because I'd never be able to make that look tidy, and it would be annoying to the point of distraction for me. ;-)


Adhesive filing strips

I found some useful 'adhesive filing strips' for documents I want to permanently file. Essentially, they're thin strips of plastic with holes punched in them, like the edges of page protector sleeves. There's an adhesive strip on the plastic so the filing strip can be stuck onto the side of anythng you want to file.

They're permanent so they'd be best for making page markers or filing 'never changing' documents.

According to the pack the manufacturer is www.3L.dk and the item number is 8806 'universal filing strip'

I have come up with one solution

Katrina, I'll look for those, because I think it will help with one thing I have in mind. In the meantime...

I spent some time at OfficeMax yesterday, brought home a bunch of stuff and took my scissors to most of it. I have some snapshots of what I've come up with, but I have already thoroughly hijacked this thread. :-/ Still no contact from any administrators, so I still can't log into the site and post a new thread.


How about the DIYPlanner group on Flickr?

Can you post on Flickr? If so, why don't you post your pics there, and join the DiYPlanner group, and then, simply post a link to your pics on this thread. :-)


I can stick the photos on my own server

I just want to get my registration sorted out so that I can post a thread on this type of modification. :-)



The crew said they resent your stuff... try checking your spam folder... and also if worse comes to worse, re-register?

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Yeah, it isn't in spam folder...

I have my own server, and so I can check everything. This is just one of those bizarre situations where one computer (the one DIY is on) and another (my server) are simply not seeing each other on the network. There's some hiccup in the network between them. But the only spam filter on my server is spam assassin, and it isn't catching any mail from DIYplanner.com. My desktop system isn't catching it either, because I've gone through every junk mail that has arrived in the hopes of having something from diy. *G* Some days I hate computers. ;-)

I can re-register using my gmail account instead, but I would dearly love to have my usual username. Any chance the admins can delete the account for "OffLead", or even just change the email address on it (to "offlead@gmail.com").


Taping Circa

Works great.

My three-year-old was messing with my circa punch the other day, and I didn't realize that he'd moved the guide until after I'd punched some tabbed dividers that I'd so carefully made. So I taped both sides of the page with scotch tape and re-punched them in the correct place. Good as new (and probably sturdier than my other pages now).

I'm thinking about using this method to "save" some pages from my spiral notebooks.


PS Circa "smurfs" make great confetti for kids' art projects!

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