Just wanted to wish all of the DIY paper geeks out there a VERY HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Hope you and yours have a great day!
nay nay

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Nay Nay

You are such a doll ♥

Same to you hun :D
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Bah, humbug. D:

aww cheer up

If you don't like Valentine's Day... celebrate "Singles Awareness Day"... Innowen introduced the concept to me :) Celebrate being yourself today ♥
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It's a bit harder when you're a teenager.


I love the idea of Singles Awareness Day! :) I am going to celebrate being me today!

Xairip - trying being old and single!!!! UGH!

*shrug* At least it gives me

*shrug* At least it gives me more time to read...


8 year relationship ended in Oct06 so I'm am definately celebrating me today~! I'm going to get me all the stuff I *REALLY* want PLUS I'm not sharing my chocolates with anyone~!

Yuh being older is different but can be hella fun, right NayNay? :D
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fun is right!

Sara - you bet being older can be fun and I think being single can be grand as well!!! :D Like you said - all the chocolates to yourself! Sorry to hear about your newfound singleness though! Enjoy those chocolates!!

I am celebrating YOU today too!!!
BIG SMILES, nay nay

I view it as a day to

I view it as a day to celebrate friends as well as significant others. I am enjoying all the chocolate!

Home Made Valentines

Thanks for the Valentine wishes Nay Nay! Since no other old married guys have chimed in, I thought I'd fill the bill. One of the joys of having kids is teaching them how to make their own valentines instead of simply purchasing them. On Saturday night, while mommy was at work, we made a giant valentine with heart cut-outs hand-painted by my 3 year old son. My six year old handled all of the writing (in crayon, of course). I did the gluing. It was quite the masterpiece! A DIY Valentine. LOL Its too bad I don't have a digital camera, or I would post a pic.

Its just me and the boys tonight, though, as mommy has to work again. The Three Amigos!....and The Fox and the Hound on DVD. LOL

Happy Single Awareness Day!


the perfect valentine!

Bob - that sounds like the absolute best Valentine! And it sounds like the three amigos had fun making it together! Thanks for sharing the story - put a smile on my face!
nay nay

Valentine trivia

Did you know that the "heart-shaped symbol" associated with valentines is not a representation of the heart ?


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