How do you create daily pages?

I am a newbie. So, kindly excuse my ignorance. I have been looking for ways to create and print my own 2 page daily planning pages classic size and I just do not see how that is done. I am sure someone has already figured all this out. Will someone tell me how you do it with the templates given on this site.

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Mail Merge


If you're not an openoffice macro-writer, then mail merge is the quickest way from here to there. You have to use a graphic of the page in the background of your merge, then use merge fields to insert the dates and any other data you want.

If you search the site for mail merge, you'll find some detailed instructions on how to make it work with OpenOffice.

If Mail Merge is out of your scope, then using the graphic as the background in Writer or Word, you can just type in the dates and data. This takes a while, but it doesn't require a lot of fancy skills--just setting up your paper size and margins, and setting a graphic as the background image.

Good luck!