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Hey, folks, I just got an email from the folks at Swisher Pens. They asked me to share it, so:

"This year we have decided to have a President's Day Sale to reduce our inventory and make room for many new products we expect to receive this Summer. We invite you to use the coupon below to receive 10% off our regular low prices on every item offered in our online store. If you haven't visited our web site in awhile, please visit our Monthly Special and Clearance departments for some really great prices on several items that are either being discontinued or we just have too many in stock and they need to go.

As most of you are aware, several of the companies we carry do not permit us to list discounted prices on our web site. For any item shown on our web site that either does not have a price listed or does not show any discount, please call or e-mail for your special price on these items during this sale.

Our President's Day sale begins now and ends at midnight on February the 18th.

To activate your coupon and begin shopping now, please use the following link:


You can also activate the coupon at a later time by entering "Holiday" (without the quotation marks) in the enter coupon form on the left side bar in our shopping cart. Please let us know if you have any problems activating your coupon.

We would appreciate it greatly if you would share this coupon with friends, family, or other acquaintances.

Thank you, we appreciate your business.

Best wishes,

Chuck Swisher"

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Laura again... I ordered some Noodler's Ink from Swisher's last week. They had a good price, and it shipped fast. So if you haven't ordered from them before, check them out.

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Another thumbs-up for Swisher

I bought my groomsmen's gifts (yes, fountain pens) from Swisher when I got married. Good prices, great service.

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