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I'm sure you have at least one notebook around the house that is mostly used but... there are few pages left in the back that are just ... taking up space. (I have several spiral bound notebooks from my college days that have reference material or notes or stories in them on my bookshelves).

I read through this Article/Hack and got an idea... I would use those pages and create my own notebook.

I plan on using it like the Moleskine Weekly planners that I'm too cheap to purchase. The left side (back of the previous page) is the weekly calendar (mon-sun) and the right side (front of the new page) is all for notes. The Weekly Moleskine

Here is a picture of the end result:

I need to fill in my weeks and get going on adding all my "Next Actions". I love my hPDA but the cramped area at the bottom of my weekly cards didn't offer enough freedom for NAs. I don't want to feel restricted when jotting down what needs to be done. Afterall, what good is implementing GTD if I'm getting things done... right? :o)

(I plan on coming up with tutorials for all my DIY stuff... and now I'll have room for keeping track of the Next Actions involved heheh)

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Hi, the pictures don't make

Hi, the pictures don't make it very clear what you did. Did you just bind together the extra pages somehow?

basic steps

I took the pages out of the notebook and then cut to size. (definately removing the frayed spiral teeth).

Then I folded the pages on the red line that ran down the left side of the pages.

I stapled all the pages together close to the right edge all the way down.

I used a piece of cover stock and cut it just a tad bit larger to protect the pages.

I scored the cover stock and fold it in half. I then measured out from that center line to match the fold of the pages. (the distance from the edge to the red line on the pages). I scored the card stock on that mark as well.

I reinforced the half way fold with masking tape.

I applied glue to stapled pages along the staples on front and back and then applied glue to the cover along the center fold and almost to the next fold.

I slipped the pages into the cover and made sure they were securely into the crease. I applied tons of heavy books and let it dry over night.

The resulting notebook allows the cover to open flat along that second score line... and the pages all fold easily to match that same fold.

hope that all made sense :)
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What type of binding for

What type of binding for your DIY notebook?


staples and glue.

I was thinking of sewing it but the stack of pages was pretty thick and were single pages not folded signatures... I had a stapler handy and it worked great.

Then the glue holds the cover on and reinforces the pages' "binding." :)
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